Motorbikes and Motorcycles

Motorbikes and motorcycles can get dents too! The majority of the time, dents will usually be found on the fuel tank, but mudguards and fairings can get dented also.

Many bikes, such as Harley-Davidson’s, have custom paint jobs which can be really expensive. Why get it filled and repainted when we can repair the dents with PDR?

As long as the paintwork is intact, (no chips or scratches) we can restore the shape back to its original form.

We can either access the dent from using our specialist bars and tools to get inside the tank, for example, and then push and shape the dent back to its true form.
Or, if access isn’t the best option, we can use the glue pulling system to bring the dent out from the outside of the panel!

The paintless dent repair methods can be performed with the tank, or damaged panels still fixed to the bike itself, or, can be removed and secured to a special bench to get great access in and underneath the dented areas.

Take a look at some of motorcycles we have worked on and repaired!