Aluminum Dent Repair in Preston.

When you get, dent in your car, we know that not all dents are created equal. Each dent has many different what we call “factors” and we know some of them when we see the dent, and some are unknown until we get our hands on the panel. Aluminum is a factor that affects how we repair and handle the paintless dent removal on your auto.

Cars are made of all different kinds of metal. Gone are the days when an auto is made of steel entirely. More vehicles are using Aluminum because it is so much lighter than steel, and this helps with gas mileage, weight, and aerodynamics in some cases. As the world becomes more and more alarmed about the environment, steel is a better choice as it cuts down on fuel used and makes it more fuel-efficient.

At the beginning of Aluminum’s use, we only saw hoods made, but as time has gone on, many cars are made entirely out of Aluminum. Many deck lids, doors, and even some roofs and fenders are made using Aluminum as well.
Aluminum can be repaired using PDR or Paintless Dent Removal.

When we work on steel panels, they want to return to their original pre-dent shape, but Aluminum has no memory. It is also seven times harder to move than Aluminum requires more pressure for each push. If you understand Paintless Dent Removal’s artistry, you can appreciate that removing these dents is real talent and brilliance. Repairing dents in Aluminum is considered more involved, and for this reason, it is more time-consuming and more costly to repair.

When you come in for repairs, you will see us test your panel with a magnet. If the magnet sticks, we know that it is a panel that is steel. A lot of aluminum panels are honeycombed, which means there is significant bracing behind the panel. Bracing is always a factor when repairing and can also cause more time in repairs, giving us limited access to the area for repair.
If we can not repair your aluminum panel, we will suggest a few aluminum body shops.

Not every shop that repairs can handle a conventional aluminum repair. It takes specialized welders and tools to repair the panel properly, safely, and securely.

Our goal is for 100% customer satisfaction for every repair, every time. We are the best dent repair specialists in Preston, and we strive to make things easy and convenient for you. Please feel free to give us a call if you have any questions we haven’t answered here