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Glue Pulling Dents – Removing Dents Using Glue Pulling

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Did you know we can use GPR on aluminium panels too? With the proven and effective glue pulling dents technique, you can benefit from a cost-effective and professional dent removal service. A GPR (Glue Pull Repair) on aluminium is carried out slightly differently than a panel made of steel, and the main factor is the temperature.

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First, the panel is polished and cleaned with isopropyl alcohol to remove any impurities, to give the best adhesion for the glue, as any standard glue pull repair would be carried out.

This is where we make the changes. As aluminium dissipates heat 15 times faster than steel, a heat gun is set up so a constant flow will be put into the surrounding area. When carrying out the repair, the panel temperature is kept to around 30-35 degrees. This is so the panel becomes more pliable, and helps with the pulling of the dent.

Another heat-related point to make is the choice of tab we use.

We use the Keco Dead Centre Blue tabs, as the material they are made of “keeps in” the heat longer than the more rigid Ice tabs for example, so the panel, glue and tab are relatively the same temperature when the pull is made. All these factors combined give us the optimum environment for the best results for glue pulling aluminium!

Great Job

Graham has done a great job on my mini id highly recommended him if you have anything you need straightening out and you don’t want your car full of filler

Excellent Service

Excellent service. Reasonably priced. Highly recommended. Will definitely use Dent Detail PDR if needed.

Quality Workmanship

Fantastic service and quality workmanship. Really is a miracle how such dents can be removed without the need of re spray etc. Clean and professional workshop

What is glue pulling?

Glue pulling is a technique used in the field of paintless dent repair (PDR) to remove dents from vehicle panels without the need for extensive sanding, filling, or repainting. It involves using specialized adhesive tabs and hot glue to pull the dent back into its original shape. Effective and high-quality glue pulling typically follows a seven-step process.

What's the process?

Clean the affected area: The surface around the dent is thoroughly cleaned to ensure proper adhesion of the glue.

Select the appropriate adhesive tab: Various adhesive tabs with different sizes and shapes are available. The technician chooses a tab that matches the dent’s size and contour.

Apply hot glue to the tab: A high-strength, specialized hot glue is applied to the selected tab and then quickly attached to the center of the dent.

Allow the glue to cool and harden: The glue is given time to cool and harden, creating a strong bond between the tab and the vehicle panel.

Attach a dent pulling tool: A dent pulling tool, such as a slide hammer or a dent lifter, is connected to the adhesive tab.

Pull the dent: The technician applies controlled and steady pressure to the dent pulling tool, pulling the tab and, subsequently, the dent outward.

Release the glue and repeat if necessary: Once the dent has been successfully pulled to the desired level, the hot glue is released using a release agent or by carefully twisting and detaching the adhesive tab.

Can glue pulling be used for all types of dents?

Glue pulling is effective for many types of minor to moderate dents, including dings, small creases, and shallow dents. However, it may not be suitable for all dents, particularly those that are large, deep, or located on complex body lines. A skilled PDR technician can assess the dent and determine the best approach for repair.

Why choose Dent Detail PDR?

Opting for PDR (paintless dent repair) for your dent removal requirements offers numerous benefits. When you rely on our expertise in PDR dent removal, you can save both money and time. Additionally, you can avoid the risk of potential paint damage that can occur with outdated dent removal methods. Furthermore, by choosing PDR, you effectively preserve the maximum value of your vehicle for potential resale in the future.


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