Dent Repair in Preston, United Kingdom

The dents and dings that your vehicle can get can be frustrating. They depreciate the value of your car and end up making it look ugly. Getting a dent or a ding on your vehicle in Preston, UK, can feel a lot  more terrible since there aren’t many certified car repair technicians you can easily rely upon.

The few experts that can repair car damage use traditional methods like an autobody shop repair. Even though the autobody shop has been used for decades upon decades, it is no longer the most efficient way to repair the damages on your vehicle.  The old-fashioned way of repairing the damage your car has sustained is outdated, and car fanatics of the 21st century no longer prefer getting their car repaired the traditional way.

But why is that?

Here’s What’s Wrong with the Traditional Way

A certified car repair technician who isn’t using the latest ways of repairing the damage on your car will always want to fix your car the traditional way. But the fact of the matter is, even the people using an auto body shop repair know that the method has some serious flaws. 

-Not Good for Your Car in the Long Run

When your car is sent from the factory to a showroom, it has coating on top of the body which can save your car from dents, dings and scratches. When you opt for a traditional way of repairing dents, that coating is compromised and your car no longer remains the same. Now, your car has become a lot more prone to the damages that can be sustained on the road. 

A technician might recommend getting an auto body shop repair – but don’t opt for it!

-It’s Not Affordable

Would it be necessary to drill two holes in your car, fill that hole with a body filler, and then spray paint the damaged area because someone accidentally threw a baseball at your car? The procedure seems excessive and that is exactly why it is expensive. When a certified dent repair specialist opts for the auto body shop route to fix the dents on your car, they drill two holes around the damaged part.  

After they’ve drilled the hole, they’re going to fill the hole with body fillers to make it look like your car has been repaired. Even though your car might look as good as new, the structural integrity of the body has been compromised. Since they’re also using additional materials to repair the dents, the cost of the materials can be high, too. 

Paintless Dent Repair: The Modern Way of Repairing Dents

Paintless dent repair is the modern and improved way that certified technicians at Dent Detail PDR repair use to the dents on your vehicle. One of the several reasons car fanatics prefer using the PDR method is because it’s super quick and it’s affordable, too. 

Contact us today to understand if your car is a candidate for PDR!

Dent Repair

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