Keco Brand Ambassador

We are proud to announce that we have been awarded and recognised as a Keco brand ambassador.

What does this mean?

Keco Body Repair Products are the industry leaders in glue pull repair equipment and technology.

Their Glue Pull Repair system is used worldwide to help increase efficiency and complete dent repairs and bodyshop collision repairs.

Here at Dent Detail PDR, we use the latest in the glue pulling equipment to give you the customer the cleanest and most efficient dent repair possible for your car.

We also offer bodyshop glue pull repair demos and training on behalf of Keco.

This means we can come in and help set up your equipment, train and guide technicians wanting to get own system installed in their bodyshop, and offer aftersales technical help.

GPR (Glue Pull Repair)

GPR offers another way to help repair collision damage – Pull to Paint.

Pull to Paint is a term used to quickly bring out large damage quickly so it can be filled and painted for a more efficient bodyshop repair.

As no paint is broken, this saves a massive amount of time and process in a bodyshop.

Grinding and sanding away the paint, primer and original factory E-coat, pin pulling, welding, filling and priming – all of this is bypassed.

This is a great way to increase efficiency, and also gives you the option of saving a panel, rather than replacing it.

Electric Vehicles and EV/Hybrids

A masssive benefit of using Keco body repair equipment is using it on EV and electric/hybrid vehicles.

When working on these types of cars in a bodyshop, they have to be shut down for a traditional repair to weld and pin pull the damage out.

An obstacle for this is getting the approved manufacturer methods to power down the respective vehicle.

Unless you are an approved bodyshop, you may not be allowed access to them.

But with glue pulling, the car does not need to be shut down, as no current/heat like that from a pin pulling system is put through the car.

As we are pulling the damage out with industry specific glue from the outside of the vehicle, there is no need to power down the car.

This is a very effective way to work on an EV.


A final benefit of the Keco system – it is extremely effective on aluminium.

Aluminium can be difficult to repair, it needs heat, a designated bay if the bare aluminium is being worked on, and a different approach in a bodyshop.

If it was having a traditional repair, it would need a separate and specialist welder/pin pulling system, as opposed to one that’s used on steel.

But the Keco Glue Pull Repair System can be used on both material types for an extremely cost effective solution to cover all bases.


If you are a bodyshop or a SMART repair technician interested in the the Keco GPR system, we’d be more than happy to help and answer any questions you may have, please feel free to get in touch.

Call in on for a dent repair estimate, and have them removed while you wait.