Every day we hear of more auto manufacturers developing electric vehicles. Tesla, of course, was the pioneer, but now so many more are coming into the market. Audi, Porsche, Ford, and Chevy, are all coming into the market strong, and before long will we see more electric vehicles on the road than petrol.

At Dent Detail Paintless Dent removal, we are keeping up with the trends and technology.  To fix, repair, or perform paintless dent removal, we are required to get a certification to “power down” the battery on the vehicle to mitigate danger to your vehicle and the technician repairing the car. We have received our power down certification to keep both our team and your vehicle safe in the dent repair process.

Electric vehicles have a battery core and power cables that run throughout the vehicle. To keep us safe and not light the car on fire, we have to know where these cables run through the door. We have specialized resources to tell us where it is safe to repair without powering the car down. If there is a battery cable running through the panel we need to repair, we will do a few things.

  1. First, we look at the schematic to see where the battery lines run.
  2. Second, if there is a battery cable in the panel, we follow the necessary steps to power down the car.
  3. We will take the panel apart to ensure a proper repair and avoid damaging any of the battery lines or wiring. We work the dents from the inside out and use a variety of sharp metal tools.
  4. Once the dent repair is complete, we can power up the vehicle per the manufacturer’s specs.

. It’s essential to understand where these cables run because, in the pdr process, we are using a variety of sharp metal tools to repair dents in vehicles from the underside of the panel. If one of these pdr tools punctures or pierces an electric conduction cable in an electric vehicle, then not only can the car be heavily damaged, but the PDR technician could be killed. If one of these cables is punctured and the DC current travels through the PDR tool into the technician, it will travel at 600 – 680 DC, which is enough to kill a human being.

Trusting your vehicle to a pdr shop that understands the challenges and risks of working on electric vehicles is imperative. We will properly care for and return it to you in its pre-damaged condition with no concern that the vehicle’s battery was damaged and that the car was repaired exactly as the manufacturer recommends.

The risk of working on electric vehicles without properly powering down the vehicle poses a risk not only to the technician working on the vehicle but also for our pdr shop or area working the repair. If the repairs are done with the proper safety measures, the EV battery could ignite a fire powerful enough to start a large fire.

We at Dent Detail Paintless Dent Removal always strive to fix your car smoothly, efficiently, and with grace. We want to answer any questions, and if this did not answer any questions you have, please give us a ring. We want you to understand the process, our pricing, and the value that we are bringing to your repair.

We are conveniently located at Unit 46, Centurion Industrial Estate, Centurion Way, Leyland, PR25 4GU, United Kingdom. We would love to serve you. Please give us a call if you have any questions we haven’t answered here.