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Lease Dent Repairs, PCP and Hire Vehicles

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We specialise in the repair of dents on cars and vehicles that are due to be returned off lease, hire, or traded back into the dealer. Paintless dent repair is the perfect way to avoid extremely high charges when returning your car damaged, and our repair costs are at a fraction of the bill you would receive handing it back over. Quick, clean, and convenient, there will be zero trace of damage once we have finished repairing and removing the dent in a damaged panel.

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You will be able to return the car back to the lease, PCP or hire company worry free, knowing that you will avoid a ridiculous charge.

If you have a hire car, lease car or a vehicle you are trading in, get in touch with us and see how we can save you money with our paintless dent repairs.

At Dent Detail PDR we provide our customers with high-quality dent repairs for lease, PCP and hire cars. We understand the necessity for quick and effective dent repairs when returning a car, that is why we aim to deliver our services as quickly as possible without losing out on quality.

At Dent Detail PDR we are committed to delivering effective dent solutions across the North West of England. Our fantastic dent repair services allow customers to avoid large charges when returning their lease, PCP or hire cars. We pride ourselves on delivering a high-quality service at a competitive price. We understand the massive costs that arise from dents when returning a vehicle, our services help to provide a cost-effective solution to your dent troubles.

Dent Repair of Lease & Hire Vehicles


Based in Leyland, Lancashire, our services are carried out by our highly skilled and experienced team who are always willing to go above and beyond to meet our clients needs. Using top of the line technology we deliver exceptional results for any of your dent repair needs and will leave your car with no trace of previous denting through our use of PDR dent removal methods.

For any of your dent repair needs for lease, PCP and hire cars look no further than Dent Detail PDR. We promise to deliver effective results using the very best technology and our years of experience. The use of PDR helps to provide effective dent repairs without the need for expensive paint jobs whilst maintaining a factory finish. Using PDR methods allows us to complete the dent repair process in a matter of hours, allowing our clients to return their vehicles quickly whilst avoiding huge costs that would otherwise arise if the dent was not repaired.

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