Paintless Dent Repair Chorley

Paintless dent repair in Chorley is an eco-friendly procedure of repairing the dents and dings on your vehicle. Using the paintless dent repair method, a dent repair specialist does not remove or repaint the paint coating on your vehicle so the original paint is intact just as when it came from the factory. The PDR method of repairing the dents and dings on your car is also an affordable and quick way to remove the hail damage from your car. 

To understand how the process works, you’ll have to be familiar with the first four primary steps:

  1. Understanding the amount of damage your car has sustained
  2. Creating an entry point for the dent
  3. Examining the dent and evaluating how it will be fixed
  4. Get to the back of the dent and apply slow pressure to push it out

To understand all of these steps in detail, let’s go over them thoroughly. 

Dent repair specialists from Dent Detail PDR have helped drivers all around Chorley to get their car fixed. Once the PDR process is done, your car can look brand new. This procedure won’t affect the paint of your car and won’t hurt your wallet too much. 

1. Understanding the Amount of Damage Your Car Has Sustained

To fix the dent that your car has sustained, the dent repair specialist has to first evaluate the size of the dent, where it is and how they’ll get to it. Once this is done, they’ll evaluate if the dent on your car can be removed by PDR. 

However, with that being said, 80% to 90% of the dents and dings on your car can be removed by the PDR process. The few that can’t be removed are deep damages.

2. Creating An Entry Point for The Dent

The dent repair specialist can’t come to the conclusion that they can fix the dent without finding a way to reach its back. This would mean that to reach the dent’s back side; they would have to remove the tail lights, and anything that be an obstruction in the entry point. 

On some occasions, doing this can take a lot of time! 

3. Examining the Dent And Evaluating How It Will Be Fixed

Once the dent repair specialist has gained access to the back of the dent, they examine its rear with a UV light. They do this to understand which strategy they’ll have to adopt to fix the dent on the car. They use this part of the process to determine which tool they would use, and whether PDR would be enough to fix the dent on your car. 

4. Get To The Back Of The Dent And Apply Slow Pressure To Push It Out

Once the dent has been assessed and the PDR dent repair specialist knows which strategy they’ll use to fix the dent, they apply slow pressure to the back of the dent to fix your car and make it look brand new.

If you’re trying to understand whether your car is a candidate for PDR in Chorley, UK – make your way down to Dent Detail PDR to find out! Give us a call for a free quote. 

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