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Large dents unfortunately happen! But we can repair them as cleanly and effectively as smaller dents. Typically, medium to larger size dents can be caused from a football hitting your car, another vehicle bumping into yours, or something extreme as a bike rack coming loose on the roof! Although the repairs will take a little longer, the results are even more impressive using the paintless dent repair methods.

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Why send your car to a body shop to potentially have a quarter panel cut off, or a new door replaced, resulting in more panels being painted to match the colour? Not to mention the time you will lose your vehicle being off the road, and a possible insurance claim going against your record?

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large dent repairs

Large Dent Removal

Our large dent removal services at Dent Detail PDR aim to remove any dent no matter the size. Large dents which are repaired using traditional dent repair methods often lead to expensive paint job repairs, which greatly increase the cost of the job and can sometimes lead to visual flaws.

Based in Preston, Dent Detail use Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) techniques for the very best results. Using our PDR methods we can avoid many of the undesirable parts of the dent removal process. This allows us to reduce the time in which our repairs take, as well as lower costs for our clients. Utilising this dent removal process allows our customers to avoid unnecessary insurance claims and allow them to keep their insurance premiums down.

PDR methods have numerous benefits for large dent repairs when compared with traditional techniques. Some of these benefits include:

  • Time-efficient
  • Lower costs
  • Suitable for large dents
  • Maintaining car value
  • Avoid unnecessary insurance claims

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Superb Job

Graham has done a superb job and more importantly was a pleasure to deal with. I hope that I don’t need to use him again but if the needs be I wouldn’t hesitate.

Exceptionally High Standard

Can’t recommend Dent Detail PDR enough, Graham is extremely professional and completed the repair to an exceptionally high standard.

Excellent Job

Excellent job, definitely recommend this man. All my dents gone like magic!

What models can you provide large dent repairs for?

Great question. For most makes and models, Dent Detail PDR offers large dent repair. Whether you drive a brand-new Mercedes or a vintage automobile with sentimental significance, w can quickly fix your car so it looks back its best in no time. For a list of the models we repair, please visit our dedicated brands and model page. Models including BMWs, Audis, Jaguars, Mazdas, and even Lamborghinis are popular types of models that we are able to provide large dent repair for.

How do you repair large dents?

Large dents that are treated using conventional dent restoration techniques frequently result in costly paint job repairs, which significantly increases the cost of the job and occasionally result in aesthetic faults. Dent Detail PDR aims to permanently eliminate any dent, regardless of size so that you can be proud to look at and drive your vehicle once again.

Why choose Dent Detail PDR for large dent repairs?

We can steer clear of many unfavourable aspects of the dent removal process by using modern-day and proven PDR techniques. As a result, we are able to speed up our repairs and charge our customers less money than you may anticipate at traditional body shops that may be using outdated repair techniques. Utilising this dent elimination method enables our customers to prevent needless insurance claims and lower their insurance costs.

What is paintless dent removal?

Paintless dent repair (PDR) is a technique used to remove dents from a vehicle without repainting. Our skilled technicians at Dent Detail PDR use specialised tools to carefully massage the dent out from the inside or behind the panel, restoring the surface to its original shape. PDR is a non-invasive dent repair technique that works wonders for all makes, models, and manufacturers. Get in touch with our friendly yet professional team for your quote today.


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