Paintless Dent Repair Clitheroe

Dent Detail PDR are your specialists for paintless dent removal in Clitheroe.

Have you ever found your vehicle dented in a parking lot and wondered what went wrong? The dent could’ve been caused by several things. Even though a wild shopping cart might seem like the most  common culprit – there are several other ways your car can get a dent in Clitheroe, UK. In a situation like this, the first instinct from most people is to ignore the dent. 

But would that be the sensible decision?

Since a dent won’t interfere with the core functionalities of your vehicle your first instinct might be to ignore it. People can also be scared of the costs of the dent repair as their first reaction since the traditional methods of repairing car dents is expensive. If you are one of these people – you are not alone! According to research, two of every three drivers find car repairs stressful or not worth their time.  

The Paintless Dent Repair Process

According to experts of the industry, the paintless dent repair process is considered to be the quickest, most environmentally friendly, and cost-effective way of repairing the dent on vehicles. A good explanation of this would be that while PDR can be used to fix the stitches and small wounds on your vehicle, an autobody shop repair is more of a surgery. 

Taking nothing away from the traditional process – both of these processes have different usage situations. PDR on the other hand is more of a quick fix-up that can be used for several small damages. The PDR process consists of a few vital steps:

  • Understanding and examining the damaged part of your car
  • Removing the damaged part from your car to have an entry point in to inside of the dent
  • Applying pressure to the damage part of the car from the back to fix the car

What Kind of Dents Can Get PDR?

Since PDR can’t be used for deep and intense damages, paintless dent repair is usually used for minor damages. This can be light damage caused by hail, a ding, a ball that hits your car, or another car door that hits your car while you’re exiting it. Either way, if the damage your car has sustained is minimal, getting it repaired with PDR shouldn’t be too big of a problem. 

When you take your car for the paintless dent repair process, the dent repair specialist will first look for “stretched” metal on your car. The smaller and shallower the dent is, the easier it will be to repair it with the PDR option. 

Limitations of PDR

However, it is also worth remembering that PDR can’t fix every dent on your car. Anything that causes deep damage or damage that is noticeable from a distance can’t be fixed by PDR. Here’s a simple test – if the dent your car has received is bigger than your balled fist – PDR may not work, but it’s best to call to speak to a specialist to make that determination.

If you still have confusions in trying to understand if your car needs dent repair in Clitheroe, Dent Detail PDR can help. Contact us today for more information.  

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