In parking lots, we see a lot of dented back bumpers. It’s a common occurrence; hitting the rubbish can, a pillar, or even another car leaves a nasty dent that is very conspicuous. Preston parking lots are a hot spot for these dents.

Even though dents in bumpers are very common and there is a lot out there about fixing them on your own, which can be a horrible idea. If you don’t know what you are doing and you try, chances are you could destroy the bumper further and do more damage. 

Here’s what we suggest if you do get a bump on your rear… bumper, that is. Plastic does not have the memory that metal has, and it is harder to get back into shape. We would suggest that you get it fixed as soon as possible. The sooner, the better. The longer you wait to fix the bumper, the more apt it is to stay damaged. 

  1. Cracked paint on the bumper may be permanent. We cannot do anything if there are tiny spider web cracks because of the dent, but when you do fix the damage, these small cracks are significantly less likely to be seen.
  2. Don’t watch YouTube and try and be a hero. Plastic bumper repair is a repair type that we often do. If you have a dent, leave it to the experts. We make sure the temperature is right and apply the correct pressure to manipulate the plastic back into the correct shape.
  3. What if my bumper isn’t aligned because of the accident? We can realign your bumper in a lot of cases. Sometimes clips that hold the bumper on are broken; sometimes, they are just unclipped. Whatever the circumstance is, we will take a look and make sure that we give you our professional opinion about coming out to repair it and if it can be seated back in the correct position.
  4. Sometimes these dents are not repairable. If we attempt this kind of repair and it is not repairable, we will let you know. The best way for us to know if it is repairable is to get our eyes on it. If you can get us a photo or swing by the shop to see the dent, we can absolutely give you a definitive answer and walk you through the repair process.
  5. My bumper is made of stainless steel, can you repair that? We cannot; unfortunately, most of the time, stainless steel bumpers are too strong to be manipulated back into shape.  To be sure, shoot us a photo via text or What’s Up App, and let’s make sure.

Our goal at Dent Detail Paintless Dent Removal is to smoothly, efficiently, and gracefully fix your car. We want to be the one you call when something damages your vehicle. We will answer any questions, give us a ring if you have more. Our goal is for you to understand the process, our pricing, the value that we are bringing to your repair, and become a lifelong customer. We look forward to meeting you.