Can dents on bodylines be repaired?

We get asked this question an awful lot, can dents on bodylines be repaired? The answer is yes!

What is a bodyline?

Can dents on bodylines be repaired? First of all what is a bodyline? A bodyline, or swage line as they are sometimes known by is a sharpened styling line on a cars bodywork panel. The main area these normally get dented are the line on a door or wheel arch. The reason they get a dent is because they stick out further than the rest of the panel. So when we get asked can dents on bodylines be repaired?, we like to ask which panel it is first.

How can they be repaired?

As with paintless dent repairs, pushing them out from the backside of the panel is the best way. Despite what some people think, these dents can also be removed with glue pulling. It takes longer, but if theres no access to the back of the dent this is the only option. Can dents on bodylines be repaired? With glue pulling and traditional pushing from the inside, yes!

Does it cost more?

In short, yes. Because these areas are a lot stronger, it takes much more work and skill to remove the bodyline dents with paintless dent removal. But it is still. a much more cost efficient way to repair dents compared to painting.

You can watch our full YouTube repair video here to see how we remove bodyline dents with Paintless Dent Removal!

If you are looking to have a bodyline dent, or any other type of dent removed, you can fill out the enquiry form here, or contact at 07824426591. All we need is 2-3 photos of the dented panel from different angles, the vehicle year and model, followed by the area you are based and we can give you a free quote.

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