Can dents on electric cars be fixed like this 2022 Skoda Enyaq?

Really severe dents and damage CAN be saved from panel replacement.

Cause of the tailgate damage?

You guessed it- reverse sensors not picking up over hanging obstacles.

This is pretty heavy hit, the bodyline was really distorted, and the larger dented area had been stretched.

Originally it was quoted for a new panel going down the bodyshop route. This would of meant a long wait and turnaround. New parts at the moment are on a back log. The original tailgate would be stripped so the rest of the parts can be fitted on the new panel.

But damage like this can be saved with PDR.

We wouldn’t guarantee a 100% perfect finish on something as extreme as this, but we know that the panel can be saved at bare minimum.

What does saving the panel actually save? 

Turnaround time is far quicker, this was done in less than a day. If it had been replaced, the quarter panels would of been blended to match the paint colour, this then means the original paint warranty on those panels is lost.

Most importantly, this Skoda is a full electric vehicle, powering down would of been needed for a pin pull bodyshop repair.

A repair this size typically starts from £550, depending on factors and size, it can differ.

So when asked, can dents on electric cars be fixed? The answer is YES!

Panel saved and a customer more than happy with the result, she left us a 5 Star review! You can view all our other reviews and recommendations here.

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