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Looking for car detailing in Chorley? Look no further than Dent Detail PDR. Just a short distance from Chorley, we provide detailing at our state-of-the-art facility in Leyland.

This dedicated service covers everything from polishing, glass protection, ceramic coating and more. We provide this service to stop the build up of grime and rubbish happening on your vehicle no matter what make or model.

Your vehicle can go through a lot over time so it’s important to look after it or give it a freshen up once in a while. Things like paintwork, wheel trims and more can start to look tatty if not looked after correctly. 

Within our car detailing service, we use a one to three stage cut and polish process on vehicles which brings up the body work tremendously. Our technicians then seal it and protect it with ceramic coating to provide that beautiful finish.

As we aim for high quality on every project, we only use top products from brands such as Gtechniq. If you are looking for an instant quotation for car detailing and ceramic coating in Warrington, then please call us at 07824 426591 or use our online contact form.


car detailing



car detailing chorley

Detailing / Polishing

Detailing, in short, refers to the full cleaning, restoration and protection of a vehicle’s exterior. It’s certainly not to be confused with your standard car wash because there’s an abundance of systems, processes and labour that goes into detailing that would never happen at a car wash.

Our main aim is to bring a vehicle back to its former life and condition.

We deliver quality from start to finish and as part of this we use top class equipment, staff and brands. Our detailing package includes the following steps:

  • Exterior Cleaning
  • Paint Decontamination
  • Paint Correction
  • Glass Cleaning

We would be honoured to work on your vehicle in and showcase our skills in dent repairs, car detailing and more. We believe in good levels of communication throughout the time we’re working on your vehicle so we also supply you with live images of the work being done.

Ceramic Coatings – Using GTechniq Products

Ceramic coating is really important when it comes to detailing jobs because it gives a smooth finish as well as some protection from dirt and wear and tear. We use products from Gtechniq to do this because they’re high calibre.

Ceramic coatings work by chemically bonding with factory paint to create a solid layer which protects the body work. It’s reliable, durable and perfect for giving that extra toughness meaning your vehicle will look fresher for longer.

Dent Detail PDR estimate that our ceramic coating services can last up to five years long which is incredible value for money. Here at Dent Detail PDR, we won’t leave you dissatisfied, we use the best products and have an amazing team too. Though ceramic coatings are not one hundred percent scratch-proof, there are many benefits to them. These benefits include UV protection, chemical resistance, longevity and durability. We look forward to dealing with your car detailing inquiry soon.

car detailing chorley
car detailing chorley

Great Job

Graham did a great job on car today. Looks great. Thanks!

Very Professional Service

Graham came to me at very short notice and provided a very professional friendly and high quality service to my vehicle. Would definitely use again and recommend to anyone looking for this kind of work.

Excellent Work

Excellent work and good customer service

Can car detailing in Chorley remove deep scratches?

Car detailing alone will probably not completely remove paint chips or scratches, especially if they’re incredibly deep. It will certainly make it look a lot better but we would recommend another treatment on top to ensure the chip is gone for good. Depending on the size and location, we can recommend the best option, just get in touch with our team for more on this. 

What is paint correction, and when is it necessary?

Paint correction is a process commonly used in car detailing which revitalises and restores paintwork by effectively removing imperfections, swirl marks, oxidation, scratches, blemishes and other things. The process does its best to match the paint back to its original condition leaving you with a lovely look and feel.  

What is the difference between detailing and washing?

A car wash is a simple soap and water job which you take dirt off. This is totally different to a car detailing job by which you are maintaining a vehicle back to a newer condition. Detailing includes restoration processes, paintwork renewing and so much more.Get in touch with our team if you need more information on the difference between detailing and a car wash. 

Why is detailing important for my car?

Though not compulsory, if you want to restore your paintwork and remove blemishes or imperfections, car detailing is ideal. Over time you will experience wear and tear on various parts of your vehicle so if you’re wanting to sort them out, come and speak to our team today. 


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