Car Detailing Warrington

To add to the list of amazing services we offer here at Dent Detail PDR, we now offer car detailing in Warrington which covers full polishing, glass protection and ceramic coating at our state-of-the-art facility. We also provide mobile car detailing.

Our work aims to remove the build up of grime and help provide a fresh look to your vehicle, whatever make or model it may be. Paintwork can go through a lot over time so it’s well worth the investment in detailing from a professional firm.

We utilise a 1-3 stage cut and polish process on the vehicles we work on which usually brings the paintwork back to almost as good as new. It’ll then be sealed in and protected with the ceramic coating to add even more of an aesthetic.

We’re also proud to use industry-leading products from Gtechniq for detailing and ceramic coating.

If you are looking for an instant quotation for car detailing and ceramic coating in Warrington, then please call us at 07824 426591 or use our online contact form.


car detailing



car detailing warrington

Detailing / Polishing

When we talk about detailing, it actually refers to the full cleaning, restoration and protection of a vehicle’s exterior. It’s way more than your standard car wash however because there are all sorts of processes and jobs involved. Our aim is to bring a vehicle back to what it once was in terms of the quality and look of the vehicle, it isn’t just a simple clean.

We love what we do and are proud to deliver a high quality service. As part of this we use top branded products, such as GTechniq, particularly for detailing which included the following steps: 

  • Exterior Cleaning
  • Paint Decontamination
  • Paint Correction
  • Glass Cleaning

Depending on what level of work is needed, we often use a process which 1-3 stage polish detail. Dent Detail PDR are here to restore your paintwork to the finest of levels and we provide live feedback either through imagery of you’re welcome to visit the workshop too in Warrington. 

Ceramic Coatings – Using GTechniq Products

Following the completion of your vehicle detailing job, we will also add a ceramic coating using extremely high quality Gtechniq products.

The best thing about ceramic coatings is the fact that they provide long term protection on your paintworking against things like adverse weather conditions, environmental contaminants and more.

It works by chemically bonding with factory paint to create a layer of protection which is extremely strong and durable. Here at Dent Detail PDR, we’re able to provide detailing and ceramic coating as a service together – all in the name of best preserving your vehicle. The ceramic coating can actually last for up to 5 years which is incredible. 

It is worth mentioning that the ceramic coating is not one hundred percent scratch-proof, but it does provide a certain level of resistance to scratching which is good. 

Other benefits of ceramic coating include; longevity, UV protection, and chemical resistance.

car detailing warrington
car detailing warrington

Great Job

Graham did a great job on car today. Looks great. Thanks!

Very Professional Service

Graham came to me at very short notice and provided a very professional friendly and high quality service to my vehicle. Would definitely use again and recommend to anyone looking for this kind of work.

Excellent Work

Excellent work and good customer service

Can detailing remove deep scratches and paint chips?

The truth is that car detailing in Warrington will not completely remove paint chips or scratches. It will however, more than likely make the appearance of them look so much better than before any treatments. We will add though that it depends on the size and location of the scratches or cuts and we will always do our best to get them out.

What is paint correction, and when is it necessary?

In detailing, paint correction is a process which restores and rejuvenates paintwork by removing imperfections, swirl marks, scratches, oxidation, blemishes and more. The aim of this is to bring the paint surface back to life and as close to the original condition as possible. You will see a dramatic difference in the clarity, gloss and depth of the paintwork. 

What is the difference between detailing and washing my car?

There’s a huge difference between detailing and a car wash, they’re essentially different processes. Car washing is done as a maintenance job with soap and water. Car detailing is done to give paintwork a second life with a full restoration process. For more information on vehicle detailing, please get in touch with our team as we’d be delighted to help. 

Why is detailing important for my car?

Detailing is important if you want to ensure your paintwork is looking perfect at all times. It is normal to see wear and tear over time with any part of your vehicle so detailing just gives an opportunity to revitalise the appearance a bit. It will also give you an opportunity to repair cosmetic damage and protect your vehicle moving forward. 


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