Fixing a dent can be pretty straightforward for a repair on a car, but we have seen many a crease on a vehicle. A long sharp dent that runs the length of your door, for example. This is a much more complicated repair but something we can fix in the shop. 

The first thing you need to see is if there is paint damage with the crease. In most situations with a crease, there is a scratch, and sometimes with polishing, we can get a lot of the scratch out. A good rule of thumb here is that we cannot polish it out if it gets caught on your fingernail. This means that the scratch has gone through the clear coat. 

Creases are one of the most challenging dents to repair. Imagine folding a piece of paper and then trying to get the line to go away and not be visible. Many shops will not take on a crease. You have to continually pinpoint the deep pit and work the dent continuously from side to side. It takes extreme concentration, eye for detail, patience, and experience to work and repair a crease. 

Why are some creases impossible to repair? 

This is a case-by-case basis and really why we need to see your car to give you an estimate. Some creases are too deep; some are missing paint. When your crease is missing paint a lot of times when we start working the dent, we will continue to lose paint, and since we are working on a reflection to rebuild the panel, this makes our job impossible and your car subject to rust later on in its life.

How long will it take to repair my car? 

Depending on the severity of the crease, the timeline may differ. We strive to do excellent work, and you can’t rush perfection. (Ha!) We always try and get your car repaired as quickly as possible as time is money. We will do our best to give you a reasonable timeline. 

How much will it cost to repair my crease?

The cost of the repair will depend on the severity and location of the crease. We price creases by the depth and length of a matrix. Our industry has some standardized pricing.  Always choose the repair technician not by the least high price but by their repair record, your gut, and their reputation online. Want to get an idea of what it will cost before you commit? Feel free to contact us for an estimate!

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