Getting hit by a deer is a scary and often frustrating event. Over 1.5 million deer-related car accidents happen every year, causing headaches for car owners across the world. Deer don’t discriminate; they come seemingly out of nowhere and, more often than not, cause heavy damage to your vehicle that can cost thousands of dollars to repair.

Thankfully, there’s a great solution out there for these kinds of accidents. PDR, or Paintless Dent Repair, is a great solution for repairing damage to your vehicle done by deer. Unlike conventional repair that requires extensive bodywork, PDR is a gentle, simple process that repairs the damage to your vehicle while also preserving the integrity of your paint and body panels; no fillers here! It’s a great repair method that is quicker and cheaper than conventional body repair, saving you time and money!

Because of the minimally invasive nature of the PDR process, insurance companies often prefer the preferred repair method when it comes to fixing deer-related vehicle damage.

So, how does it all work?

The PDR process is relatively simple. A certified technician will use a combination of heat and specialty tools, such as dent rods and blending hammers to gently massage the dents, creases, and other damaged areas back into their original shape. A dent is a deformation in the metal, and through PDR, the dent is “pushed” back into place, restoring the appearance of the vehicle without damaging the paint.

At Dent Detail, we pride ourselves in using the very best PDR tools and methods in the industry to perform our repairs. Rest assured that it will be taken care of when you bring us your vehicle and repaired it to the highest of standards!

How long will it take to repair the deer damage?

Repairs for deer damage usually take 1-2 days to complete. Smaller damage can sometimes be done the same day while you wait. It all depends on the size and severity. If you’re going through insurance, we may experience a small delay. At the same time, we wait for approval from your insurance provider to repair any additional damage not included in your preliminary estimate. Rest assured, we will keep you posted and updated on the status of your vehicle frequently!

Do you work with my insurance? Yes, depending on if the damage is covered under your policy.

How much will it cost to repair my dents?

The cost of the repair will depend on the severity and location of the damage. More often than not, we can repair the damage to your vehicle for less than your deductible. Want to get an idea of what it will cost before you commit? Feel free to contact us for an estimate!

Getting hit by a deer is not fun, but we strive to make the process as simple and easy as humanly possible.

Our goal at Dent Detail Paintless Dent Removal is to fix your car smoothly, efficiently, and with grace for you. We want to answer any questions, and if this did not, please give us a ring. We want you to understand the process, pricing, and value we are bringing to your repair. We are conveniently located at Unit 46, Centurion Industrial Estate, Centurion Way, Leyland, PR25 4GU, United Kingdom. We would love to serve you. Please give us a call if you have any questions we haven’t answered here. Damage from animals is just one of our specialties.