E-Vehicles are common means of transportation nowadays. However, it’s still hard to find a repair shop that’d tend to the dents on bumpers without causing cosmetic damage. Don’t worry; it’s hard to find such a shop but not impossible, thanks to Dent Detail PDR.

What Is PDR and Why Is It Ideal for E-Vehicles?

Paintless dent repair is also known as PDR, and it’s a process of removing dents without using paint. The process works by using specialised tools to manipulate the metal back into its original shape without having to remove any parts of the vehicle or fillers.

This process is perfect for e-vehicles that can’t stand the torture of hammers on their systems or their new body.

Other Advantages of PDR

Less Expensive
It’s less expensive than traditional automotive body shop repairs. The standard maintenance is costly because there are multiple tools involved in it with a lot of labour. The cost also surges for the numerous steps involved in the procedure to get your car back to its original shape. However, with PDR, expert technicians only require a couple of hours while the vehicle remains unharmed cosmetically.

Saves the Hassle of Rentals
Driving a car should be a comfortable experience, but with rentals, this experience is not guaranteed. But with PDR, you don’t have to worry about having parts taken off your car or having to get a rental car while the repairers work on your vehicle. Besides, having an e-vehicle torn apart is a risk nobody would be willing to take.

No Cosmetic Damage
You won’t have to worry about having unsightly sanding marks left on your car after the repairers finish working on it; the technicians will use specialised tools to push out dents without causing cosmetic damage to your vehicle’s paintwork or trim.

Environmental Friendly
One of the major selling points of e-vehicles is that they are eco-friendly. Now, using a traditional pollution-causing procedure would be counter to this eco-friendly vehicle’s goals. Thanks to paintless dent repair, there is no sanding, priming, and painting involved, nor is there a role of unnecessary toxic fumes. The environment remains healthy and pollution-free as a result.

Dent Detail PDR Is Your One-Stop Solution

When dealing with dent repairs on e-vehicles, you need someone who’d be extra careful with the look of your automotive. And what could be a better option than hiring the IMI accredited technicians to do this work? That’s right!

Dent Detail Repair in Preston, UK, awarded with level 2 in Electric/Hybrid Vehicle Routine Maintenance Activities and Cosmetic Repair Technician by the Institute of Motor Industry, is a one-stop solution to all your vehicle’s damage repair needs.

The certified technicians are at your service with just a call and will give you fair and free estimates before beginning the maintenance work. With both onsite and off-site evaluation, be rest assured that your valuable car is in the hands of skilled labour.

To try out their services, contact them today!