We love Mercedes Benz for a lot of reasons. The luxury, reliability, comfort, class. Our cars have become a part of us. We have emotional connections because of experiences and times in our lives that hold special memories. We want to keep our cars up. Maintenance not only applies to the engine but also the exterior. We often get minor dings over the years from shopping carts, doors, people bumping the car. These dings and dents can be unsightly. 

We here at Dent Detail love the Mercedes brand and would love to help you remove those unsightly dents, dings, creases, and blemishes on your car. We are skilled in the art of Paintless Dent Removal. Paintless Dent Removal is fine metalwork. We have outstanding trained technicians that can come out to your house and can fix these dents. 

We usually gain access to the panel by going behind the dent, inside doors, pulling out tail lights to access the quarter panels, or going up under the tire/wheel well to get to the fenders and quarter panels. Sometimes it requires us to take the car apart in some regards. We will remove panels, lights and remove the hood from time to time.  

Our technicians are trained using industry standards and always consult with OEM or original manufacturer procedures to repair the Mercedes.  

Each dent is a different scenario, and our techs are ready to explain the repair process and make you feel as comfortable fixing your vehicle. 

Current Mercedes-Benz C-Class models consist mainly of aluminum and high-strength steel. High-quality recycled plastic and renewable raw materials are also used when possible. We are well versed in repairing steel, high-strength steel, and aluminum. Aluminum is more challenging to repair than steel. Check out this article about the art of repairing aluminum panels. 

We have also been to fix one of our favorite models of Mercedes, the G-Wagon. G-wagons, because of their size and shape, get dings often. We see them a lot from pressure in shutting their massive doors. We are not always able to gain access but are very successful in using a method called glue pulling and getting your G-wagon back into its perfect condition. 

If your Mercedes gets any damage, we would love to look at your vehicle and get you a proper estimate on the repair. We can fix dents in one day, where body shop repairs take weeks and sometimes months. Often we can repair your car where you are located, coming to your office or home.  We also specialize in hail damage on Mercedes. 

Our goal at Dent Detail Paintless Dent Removal is to fix your car smoothly, efficiently, and with grace for you. We want to answer any questions, and if this did not, please give us a ring. We want you to understand the process, pricing, and value we are bringing to your repair. We are conveniently located at Unit 46, Centurion Industrial Estate, Centurion Way, Leyland, PR25 4GU, United Kingdom. We would love to serve you. Please give us a call if you have any questions we haven’t answered here.