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Dent Detail PDR provides high-quality paintless dent removal in Croston and the surrounding areas for all makes and models. Dent Detail PDR are your local, reliable and 5-star rated dent removal company that have your best interests at heart. Get your FREE quote today by calling us now at 07824426591 or use our online contact form.

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paintless dent removal croston



As the name suggests, paintless dent repair is a method for removing dents from the body of your car. Several PDR specialists use it because it is an excellent dent repair method that has been tested and proven. Because the technician won’t need to access your car’s body panels, the procedure is non-invasive and therefore, paintwork will NOT be damaged in the process of dent removal.

So, how does it work? Before starting paintless dent repair, our specialist technician will first assess the amount of the vehicle damage. The dent will then be delicately removed from the car’s body using specialised tools and methods. The success of PDR is incredibly high, especially when it comes to small to medium-sized dents that need to be removed.

Professionals will use GPR, or glue-pull repair, a different PDR procedure that uses alternative leverage to gently push the dent out, for more awkward dent removal(s).

PDR Benefits

Apart from the unparalleled results, there are plenty of reasons to opt for PDR, including:

PDR is non invasive

PDR is non-invasive, thus our technicians will probably bill you less for as it generally takes less time than standard dent removal techniques.  Also, we CAN perform PDR on your vehicle in a matter of hours.

Save Time

Paintless dent removal carried out by Dent Detail PDR is likely to save you hours out of your busy schedule. Especially if you opt for our mobile dent repair service as we can repair your vehicle and your preferred location, and at your own convenience.

Vehicle’s Value Maintained

Paintless dent removal is one sure way to make sure that your vehicle’s value is maintained so that if you look to sell in the future, your car looks in great condition.


At Dent Detail PDR, our knowledgeable specialists place a great importance on client satisfaction  For more information on Dent Detail PDR, call us now at 07824426591 or use our online contact form.

Fast and efficient service!

Fast and efficient service. I am very pleased with the outcome. Car only done 600 miles, small dent at rear, looks like someone had dropped something on the car. No sign of the dent now. Many thanks.

Fantastic job

Graham did a fantastic job removing a dent on the door of my Audi S4: you can’t tell anything ever happened now, it looks perfect. The work was completed very quickly at his studio whilst I had a brew upstairs. Thanks!

Absolutely brilliant

Cannot recommend highly enough! Did a fantastic job removing a couple of dents from my car door. I cannot see where they were. Absolutely brilliant!

Do you provide Tesla dent removal?

Yes, of course. The great thing about our service is that whether you have a 10-year old vehicle, or the latest Tesla, we are confident that we can restore your vehicle to its finest condition. Check out our tesla dent removal page here.

Can dents cause long-term damage?

Yes, dents can cause long-term damage. This is why it’s always highly advisable to act quickly and call your local PDR specialist to avoid long-term damage setting in. If not seen too immediately, dents can cause rust and corrosion, impacting the monetary value of your vehicle.

Do you provide dent removal for small dents?

Absolutely. When a bigger dent is sustained to your car, it might be stressful, but happily we are in a fantastic position to assist for all sizes of dents, including small dent damage. Since other techniques might be prohibitively expensive and unattractive, large dent removal is frequently the preferred treatment.

Why choose Dent Detail PDR?

With years of experience, Dent Detail PDR offers dent removal and dent repair services in Croston and surrounding areas for a wide range of models and manufacturers. We can repair your vehicle to its finest condition whether it is a brand-new electric vehicle or a 15-year-old car.

What types of dents can be repaired with (PDR)?

We have a track record of being able to produce results with dents of all types. Whether it’s a minor dent, ding, or something larger, we will also offer a transparent view on whether it’s possible to alleviate using PDR. Our team is experienced and professional so if it’s not possible with PDR, we will let you know and put you onto another solution.

How long have you been working in Croston?

Ever since our inception in 2020 we have had a keen interest in working in Croston and this is because we know the area so well. The whole team has decades of experience between us, much of which has been developed in Croston so it was important for us to build a strong network around it. If you’re from the area or the surrounding towns and villages and need a quote on dent repairs, please contact us as we’d be delighted to help. 

Is PDR a permanent solution?

Yes, paintless dent repair can be a perfectly adequate solution that fixes your problem and restores your vehicle back to a lovely condition. Some dents and scratches can be way worse than others but we will always provide you with the finer details as and when you come see us. 

Do you have 5-star reviews?

Yes, we have some amazing 5-star reviews from our customers in Croston which is something we are very proud of. They are mainly on our Facebook and Google pages so please feel free to go and check them out if you like. 

Is Croston your busiest area for work?

Croston is certainly up there for us in terms of where we get a lot of work. We work across most of the North West of England but we know and love Croston very much. So, if you’re nearby then come and get a FREE quote from the team today!


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