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Looking for dent repair in Garstang? Do you have a dent or ding in your motor vehicle that needs repairing? If you answered yes to both of these questions then you’re in the right place because we have you covered here at Dent Detail PDR. Over the years, we’ve been lucky enough to help thousands of people with repairing their cars, vans, and motorbikes to look as good as new.

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We use a simple and effective method of repairing dents and it’s called paintless dent removal or ‘PDR’ for short. In essence, this is a non-invasive method which means it doesn’t actually include any extra chemicals or coatings to cover any damage. It’s not a complex method but it must be executed correctly and properly by a professional to reach the desired results. For this reason alone, we would always recommend that you come and see a team like ours at an auto-repairs shop. We have a Leyland-based workshop or alternatively, we can offer a comprehensive mobile repair at your location in Garstang.

PDR Benefits

There’s a plethora of benefits to choosing paintless dent repair for your unwanted dings and dents. This kind of technique has become increasingly popular in our industry over recent years because it’s very effective and carries multiple benefits which we’d like to address below.


Your vehicle looks as good as new

After a little bit of PDR handy work from our team, your vehicle could be looking as good as new.

The value of the vehicle is maintained

Should your issue be fixable through paintless dent removal, the value of your vehicle will be maintained.

Insurance covers PDR

You may not know but paintless dent repairs are usually covered by most insurance providers, so the work may needn’t be paid for by yourself.

PDR Steps & Process

We have a proper and thorough process for paintless dent removal which we’d love to take you through roughly right now. We make sure the job is done carefully and efficiently so you’ll never be disappointed with a Dent Detail PDR service.

  • Assess the dent for PDR
  • Confirm that the dent is viable for PDR and get your consent.
  • Use special tools and techniques to massage the dent out.
  • Go over the dent with other tools to have your car look as good as new.


We’d love to hear from you here at Dent Detail PDR so please feel free to get in touch for dent and ding repairs. We’ve worked on a variety of vehicles over the years, many in our local area of Garstang. Our team of operatives and technicians is amazing at what they do. They’re all fully qualified and certified, including being IMI accredited which in itself, shows we’re capable and competent in automotive work. We genuinely care about helping you so come and chat with us about all your paintless dent removal needs.

Great Job!

Great Job! I had a Tesla so needed to make sure he had experience with these cars, cannot see the dent. Would defo recommend it.

Highly Recommend

Can’t praise Graham enough. Professional from start to finish. The car dent was expertly repaired. I would highly recommend

Absolutely brilliant

Cannot recommend highly enough! Did a fantastic job removing a couple of dents from my car door. I cannot see where they were. Absolutely brilliant!

Do you provide aluminium dent repairs?

We do offer aluminum dent repairs here at Dent Detail PDR. With the rise of electric vehicles which often use aluminum as a material for manufacturing, we’ve likewise seen an increase in paintless dent repairs as a result. Our specialist team in Garstang will be able to sort your ding or dent no matter the material.

What brands and models do you work with?

To give you an idea, we work with so many different brands and models such as; Porsche, Aston Martin, Bentley, Nissan, Mercedes, and much more. To be certain whether we can assist you, please contact our team and explain what you need.

Why choose Dent Detail PDR?

We are a reliable and consistently good company with over 600 Google reviews to prove it. We are paintless dent removal specialists and genuinely want to help as many people as we can. You don’t always need to have a new part installed when PDR is the perfect alternative solution. Contact our Garstang team today.

Do you offer FREE quotations?

As part of our amazing service, we do offer FREE no obligation quotations. To redeem this, all you need to do is get in touch with us here at Dent Detai PDR Garstang. Our Garstang team operates multiple methods of communication regularly so we’d be happy to deal with your enquiry in good time. You can call us or Whatsapp us on 07824 426591, you can send us a message using our website contact form, or you can send us a message on social media. We can’t wait to hear from you soon.


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