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So, your vehicle has just sustained dent damage and you need help right away. Enter Dent Detail. Whether your vehicle has sustained small dent, larger dent or hail dent damage, we are here to help. We provide a dedicated paintless dent repair service either at a destination of your choice or at our state-of-the-art body shop in Leyland. Get in touch with us today to receive an accurate quotation based on your damage. Call 07824426591 or use our online contact form.

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Here at Dent Detail PDR, we follow a thorough four-step process which includes;

•Understanding your dent damage
•Creating an entry point for the dent
•Examining the dent and how it will be fixed
•Assessing the back of the dent and eradicating

How Does PDR Work?

When a car gets a dent that significantly ruins its appearance and weakens the structure, the dent has to be repaired. This is done so the structural integrity of the car can be restored and if a buyer gets interested in the car – it can be sold for a good price. Paintless dent repair in Blackpool is a fantastic method to consider.

1. Understanding Your Dent Damage

In addressing the dent on your car, Dent Detail PDR initiates the process by assessing the dent’s size, location, and accessibility. Our IM-accredited technicians determine the feasibility of utilising Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) to effectively eliminate the dent from your vehicle.

2. Creating An Entry Point for The Dent

The next step of the process is creating an entry point for the dent. This crucial step ensures that we can address and fully remove the dent. Our dent repair specialists cannot ascertain their ability to fix the dent without determining a means to access its back, making this step essential to the overall procedure.

3. Examining the Dent And Evaluating How It Will Be Fixed

After our dent repair technicians have successfully accessed the back of the dent, they proceed to inspect its rear using an LED light. This examination is crucial for understanding the appropriate strategy to employ in fixing the dent on your car. It plays a vital role in determining the suitable tools and assessing whether Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) alone would be sufficient to address the dent.

4. Assessing Back Of Dent & Eradicating

Once the dent has been assessed and the PDR dent repair specialist knows which strategy they’ll use to fix the dent, they apply slow pressure to the back of the dent to fix your car and make it look brand new.

PDR Benefits

There are many benefits to choosing paintless dent removal over traditional methods of dent removal. Just a few benefits include;

• Affordability: Since the paintless dent repair method of repairing your car’s dent or ding does not require a fresh coat of paint, lesser work and lesser materials are required. Because of this reason, the PDR way of fixing the dent on your car can be a lot more affordable.

• Long-Term Protection: It is also worth noting that when your car goes for an autobody shop repair, the fresh coat that is applied can remove the protective coating your car comes with. This coating is essential for your car since it can protect your car from future dings and dents.

• Value Retention: Another key benefit of paintless dent removal is the fact that you will benefit from value retention. When cars are impacted by dents and blemishes, they need to be restored to their original condition as soon as possible to preserve maximum value.


If your car has sustained damage in Blackpool, UK make your way down to Dent Detail PDR to know if your car is a candidate for PDR!

For more information on paintless dent repair in Blackpool, call us at 07824426591 or use our online contact form.

Excellent Job!

Graham did an excellent job on my front wing. It came back like new. His approach was highly professional, as was his customer relations. Would have no problem in recommending him to others.

Fantastic job!

Fantastic job on fixing the dent on the side of my car, really quick and straight forward, lovely guy as well highly recommend

Brilliant Job!

Graham showed up as planned and not only made a brilliant job of removing the dents but also polished my headlights to a brilliant shine. Would definitely use again.

Do you offer FREE quotations?

Of course. If you require a FREE quotation, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today by calling us directly at 07824 426591.

Are you a 5-star-rated dent repair company?

We are proud to be your 5-star-rated dent repair specialist. Over the last few years, we have collected over 1000 + 5-star reviews from happy customers. You can check out some of our latest 5-star reviews on our testimonials page


Why choose dent detail PDR?

Whether you’re looking to get your vehicle fully restored at our state-of-the-art facility or you would prefer a mobile repair at your convenience, nothing is too much trouble for us. We are a 5-star paintless dent removal company that covers the entirety of the North West.


How long does the PDR process take?

Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) typically requires anywhere from one to three hours per dent. This duration can vary based on factors like the dent’s size, location, and depth. Minor dents are often resolved in about an hour, while more intricate repairs may take half a day or even a full day. After conducting an initial assessment of your vehicle, we’ll provide a more precise time estimate.


Do you provide dent removal for small dents?

Yes, of course. Here at Dent Detail PDR, we are able to provide dent removal for small dents for a multitude of manufacturers and vehicles. Whether you have been caught up in a recent collision or have several dents that need repairing, we are here to help.

Will the paintwork be damaged?

This is a commonly asked question we are asked at Dent Detail PDR. You’ll be pleased to know that the paintwork on your car/vehicle will not be damaged as a result of paintless dent removal. in fact, PDR is the only method of repair that maintains the factory finish.

Will all damage be repaired upon completion?

Yes. Upon completion of paintless dent repair, it will be as if there was never any damage sustained in the first place. This is no exaggeration and demonstrates just how effective this PDR is for all brands and manufacturers. Moreover, no damage will be sustained to your paintwork, as hence the name, this is paintless dent repair technique!

Can you repair small to medium-sized dent damage?

Dent Detail PDR can repair small to medium-sized dent damage on all makes and models. Unfortunately, dent damage can happen even when you’re least expecting it. Fortunately, we can provide a trusted and reliable service to restore your vehicle to its best condition. 


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