Dent repair in Chorley

How we can help with your dent repair in Chorley. Here at Dent Detail PDR we are ideally located in the centre of Lancashire, offering both an in house service at our studio, or a mobile service coming out to you for your convenience.

What is involved with a Paintless Dent Repair?

Paintless dent repair, or PDR for short, is a skilled method in which dents and creases are removed from a dented panel without the need for filling and painting like a traditional bodyshop repair would be carried out. If you are looking for a dent repair in Chorley, this has many benefits, it’s a much quicker turnaround time, small dents can be as quick as a 15 minute repair, to large collision damage which can take several hours, but still much quicker than a bodyshop repair.

Paint warranty

When performing a paintless dent removal, the most beneficial aspect of this repair method is that your original paintwork is kept. There is no sanding down of the paint, no harsh chemicals used, there’s no sanding and then filling with bodyfiller, and no repaint and lacquer applied. Because we push and manipulate the dented area from the backside of the panel, this saves all the above methods. If there’s no access to the back of the panel, we can use GPR (glue pull repair) to pull the damage from the outside of the panel. This is a very affective repair method and helps us remove dents we normally couldn’t. As a KECO brand ambassador, we use the latest in glue pulling technology.

In house studio repair or mobile service

Our studio is based in the centre of Lancashire in Leyland, and our mobile service covers the whole of the north west. Chorley, Preston, Southport to Manchester, if you need us to come out to you we can. As long as you have off road parking and access to plug electric in, we can carry out the dent repair at your home or workplace. Our modern dent repair studio in Leyland has state of the art equipment, and a cozy waiting room. WIFI, TV, drinks and refreshments, we can repair your dents while you wait!


If you would like a free quote, simply send 2/3 photos of your dents with the vehicle model and year, along with the area you are based. You can use the online form on our homepage here, or text/whatsapp them to 07824426591

You can check out some of our repair videos on our dedicated YouTube channel here!





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