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Dent Detail PDR can provide high-quality paintless dent removal and dent repair in Lytham, and the surrounding areas. Get your FREE quote today by calling us now at 07824426591 or use our online contact form. Paintless Dent Repair is a method used by auto technicians to fix dents and dings on your car’s body. 

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PDR is a method of dent removal that is relatively common at the moment. It involves fixing small and minor dents without employing any heavy-duty machinery or extra material. There are very simple techniques and tools involved in the process of paintless dent repair.

The certified technicians don’t even use any extra material, so you don’t have to pay extra here. It’s a non-invasive technique which could mean not only are you saving a lot of time and effort but so are the auto-technicians. It could be another reason that people opt for this technique.

How Does PDR Work?

We can break down the process of PDR into the following steps:

Assessing the damage

The technician looks at the minor dents and dings and decides whether they can apply PDR to them. PDR has paintless in the title, which means if the dent or dents require extra material like paint to be added to get them back to new, the dent likely won’t qualify for PDR.

Gain Entry to the Dent

Once the technician clears the dent for PDR, they will try to get an entry point into the dent to manipulate the metal to pop the dent out. Having access/ entry to the dent is of utmost importance.

Use maneuvers for popping the dent out

Once the technician has access to the dent, they can easily use slow motions and techniques to pop out the dent with even more pressure. Technicians ensure that the tools and techniques allow them enough leverage to pop out their dents easily.

PDR Benefits

PDT technicians use PDR for various reasons. Some of the reasons you should opt for PDR are as follows:

It is cost-friendly

Paintless Dent Removal is an extremely cost-friendly method of restoring and removing dents from all types of models and manufacturers.

It is less time-consuming

PDR removal typically takes much less time than the more traditional ways of dent removal. This correlates with cost-friendliness.

It stops the devaluation of your vehicle

Ultimately, PDR removal stops the devaluation of your vehicle in little to no time. PDR removal restores your vehicle to its best possible condition.


For more information on Dent Detail PDR, call us at 07824426591 or use our online contact form.

Great service!

Great service! Debt Detail PDR came to my home to remove a big dent around my rear side door handle that someone kindly left when I was parked in town. It’s now looking as good as new and the price was very reasonable too.

Looks Perfect!

Had a dent removed on a BMW 440i….great job done…the bodyline looks perfect…cant tell it from new!!! Thanks.

Brilliant Job!

Graham showed up as planned and not only made a brilliant job of removing the dents but also polished my headlights to a brilliant shine. Would definitely use again.

Do you provide dent removal for small dents?

Dent Detail PDR is able to provide dent removal for small dents, as well as larger dents. Minor dents can occur in various different ways and only take around 45 minutes on a typical job.

Will the dents reappear after removal?

No. Once we have performed paintless dent removal on your vehicle, the dents will be gone for good. 

Why choose dent detail PDR for dent repair in Lytham?

Dent detail PDR is one of the only shops which cater to Lytham in Lancashire. When taking a cross-country road trip, you’re likely to find a standardised service in all of our shops Dent Detail PDR. We have IMI-accredited PDR technicians who will make your life easier and take the car out of your hands into their care. They’ve been doing this for a long time, which means you’re likely going to be back on the road before you know it.

Do you offer FREE quotations?

Yes, of course. Dent Detail PDR is able to provide FREE no-obligation quotations upon request. Simply send us a few images of your dent damage via our WhatsApp chat feature and we’ll get back to you promptly.


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