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You come out of a grocery store Ormskirk, UK, it’s a bright sunny day and you’re glad that you managed to stay within your budget. As you walk towards your car, the subtle smile on your face transforms into a gasp of shock as you notice a dent on your car’s door. Who could it be? And most importantly, are you willing to wait and stand in line for a long autobody repair that can take days, if not a whole week? 

Situations like these happen to several people in Ormskirk, UK every day and almost everyone dreads getting an autobody shop dent repair for their car. 

But why is that?

What’s Wrong With Traditional Repair?

Even though the traditional method of dent repair has managed to stick around for a long time and several people have used it to get rid of the dents on their car, it’s not exactly too effective. When a certified car technician in Ormskirk, UK used the autobody shop method of dent repair on your car, they drill two holes in your car’s body which first of all compromises its structural integrity. 

They then fill dented part with a body filler and then paint over it which makes it look like the dent has been repaired. The problem with this is that while the car technician paints your car, the paint releases chemicals into the air which can be harmful for the environment. Moreover, a car enthusiast can easily catch the difference between a car that has been repaired with the autobody shop method, or with the paintless dent repair method. 

What Is Paintless Dent Repair?

The paintless dent repair way of removing dents from your car in Ormskirk, UK is the modern way of getting rid of dings and dents from your vehicle. When a certified car technician uses the PDR method to repair your car, they first examine the dent under a UV light to spot where your car has sustained damage. 

Once they’ve done that, they removed the dented body panel from your car and then massage it from the back with the appropriate tools which restores your car’s body shape back to normal. 

But why is PDR better than an autobody shop repair?

The Benefits of PDR

It Costs Less and Is Environmentally Friendly

Since there are lesser materials used for a PDR compared to an autobody shop repair, the PDR way costs significantly lesser than an autobody shop repair. And since there are isn’t any harmful paint being used on the body of your car, you can also reduce your carbon footprint. 

It Preserves Your Car’s Life

When your car leaves the factory, it has protective coating on top of it which protects it from dents and dings that can be caused by hail or other cars. While an autobody shop repair destroys their layer, PDR doesn’t. This means your car’s life prolongs because of a PDR

These are just of the benefits you can enjoy by giving your car makeover with the help of PDR. To find out the rest of the benefits, get a PDR on your dented vehicle today! Dent Detail PDR is a specialist in PDR and you can get a free quote by calling us on 078 2442 6591.

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