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Poulton Le Fylde, often shortened to Poulton, is a market town in Lancashire, England. It currently has a population of close to 20,000 people, and thus, the traffic on any good day amounts to a significant degree. This traffic can lead to accidental run-ins where one bumper of the car crashes with another. In such a town, there must be shops where you can bring your car in for a quick check-up. If you let these car problems fester for a long time, you’ll be looking at a much bigger bill than intended. To save money and ensure you’re getting the work done in time, you can look into PDR.

What Is PDR?

Paintless Dent Removal is a method for fixing minor dents on the car’s body. Auto-technicians have introduced this new method to ensure they’re providing the best service possible in a limited amount of time. PDR is a non-invasive method, which means it doesn’t involve harming the car’s body. You don’t even have to spend extra money on any material since no extra paint or filler is involved when certified technicians use paintless dent repair to have your car look as good as new.

Process Description for PDR

PDR is a very convenient method of dent removal; however, like any process, it comes with some steps. The first step for any technician is to look at the damage and assess the dents. If they don’t have any paint stripped from the impact, the technician will perform PDR. The nature of the dent also matters; it can’t be a dent concentrated over too small of an area. Crease dents are very difficult to remove using PDR. 

Once, the technician knows PDR is applicable, they will ask for your permission to proceed with the procedure. After you permit them, they will use tools and techniques for popping out the dents and fix the damage on your car. Your car will be good as new in no time. They can use different techniques; they sometimes employ mechanical leveraging through stress tools, and sometimes they use glue tabs to perform Glue Pull Repair (GPR), another method for PDR.

Benefits of PDR

  • 1. It is environmentally friendly

You don’t use any harmful gases or paint droplets that release into the environment and cause climate change.

  • 2. It is cost-effective

You don’t have to spend a lot of time waiting for the technician to cut through scrap metal and then apply an entirely new body to your car. You can still have the same paint, body, and car you love, which doesn’t waste hundreds and even thousands of pounds.

  • 3. It is time-efficient 

You don’t have to come into the shop time and time again to get work done. The process will not keep your vehicle away from you for days on end. You will likely drop it off at breakfast and have it back by dinner. 

Choose Dent Detail-PDR

Whether it’s Poulton or any other town, our services are the same throughout the Great Manchester and Lancashire area. You can rely on us to give you a good service, regardless of where we meet you. We have IMI-accredited PDR technicians who will fix any of the problems you have. So, you can be on your merry way. Our priority is you, and we won’t let you forget it! 

For more information on Dent Detail PDR, visit our website or call us at 078-2442-6591 to get a quick quote.

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