Dent repair in Preston – Ford Ranger HUGE dent removal!

Nearly a full meter long, gone through 2 bodylines and a lot of trapped pressure in the crown at the top, this was going to take some work.

A metal gate swung into the side of the bedside explaining the size of the crease.

The paintwork somehow survived getting marked, which made it the perfect candidate for Glue Pull Repair.

On a big repair like this its key to start off correctly and cleanly. Unlocking the trapped pressure in the crown at the top was where we started. We made some clean pulls and then started tapping down the crown to release that pressure.

The Keco Robo Lifter with the crease feet was used for 90% of this job, which was perfect to put pressure on the crown at the top while easing the crease out. As a result, this helps the repair flow much quicker.

A slide hammer was used mainly to pick out details, and get the stubborn bodyline moving towards the bottom.

We did have to remove the sticker which was to be replaced, and the arch trim had a tiny split in it, which the owner went on to touch in.

Using GPR on large damage like this has many benefits-

-manufacturer e-coat kept
-original paint warranty kept
-no parts replacement
-no strip and re-fit needed
-no welding and pin pulling
-much quicker turnaround

This job was turned round in less than a working day, GPR is massively efficient for bodyshop repairs
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▫️no sanding/grinding of paint
▫️no body filling
▫️no aftermarket products
▫️hassle free, time saving, cost saving
▫️Studio based and mobile service covering the North West

IMI Accredited PDR Technician

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