Paintless Dent Repair Skelmersdale

Dent Detail PDR provide high-quality paintless dent removal in Skelmersdale.

Did you take your car out and accidentally knock it against a pole? Don’t worry; dents and dings are some of the most common accidents on any car. It may no longer take you as long to fix a dent in your car anymore. There are newer technologies in the automobile industry that can get rid of your dents in a few hours, one of these newer techniques is PDR.

What Is Paintless Dent Repair

Paintless Dent Repair or PDR is a method of dent removal which as the name suggests, doesn’t involve any extra material or paint. It’s a non-invasive technique in which specialists use their expertise and tools to fix your vehicle with relative ease. 

PDR is paintless, and thus, certified technicians find it to be the easier and quicker route to take in terms of dental removal. 

What Is the Process of PDR

In case of a car accident, the first thing you should do is take your car to the auto mechanic immediately. Once you’re at the body shop, the technician will look at the dent and see if it’s eligible for PDR. If there’s a scratch or shift in the paint because of the impact, the technician will likely have to pursue another method. However, if the paint job is intact, they’ll proceed with PDR. The technician will then write up a quote and ask for your consent to perform PDR.

For PDR, the technician will use their expertise and tools to pop out the dent, so it looks as good as new. Once they have done this, they make sure that the dent looks like it was never there, and once you’ve paid the invoice, you’ll get your car ready to go.

Benefits of PDR 

  • 1. It is cost-efficient

PDR is cheaper than other ways of dent repair. PDR doesn’t involve any extra paint or extra material. Thus, you don’t have to spend money on any extra thing.

  • 2. It is quicker

For certified PDR technicians, they don’t need more than a couple of hours to pop your dents out.  You don’t have to spend more than a day without your car if that. If you drop off your ride at the shop in the morning, you’ll likely have it home at dinner time. 

  • 3. Insurance companies cover PDR

Most insurance companies cover repair procedures like Paintless dent repair on your vehicle. This fact means that you won’t even have to spend any money of your own, or out of your pocket, to fix your car. All you need to do is take the car in and provide the body shop with the details of your insurance company. 

Why You Should Use Dent Detail Repair in Skelmersdale, UK

Dent Detail Repair has some of the best-certified PDR technicians in Lancashire. You won’t have to travel thousands of kilometres to get the best service in town. Our top priority is to see you satisfied with the work we’ve done. We’ve worked on all types of cars, from big jeeps to Teslas. We are also IMI accredited, so we can assure you that your vehicle will be in the right hands. 

For more information on Dent Detail PDR, visit our website or call us at 078-2442-6591 to get a quick quote.

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