Paintless Dent Removal Warrington

Looking for paintless dent removal in Warrington or dent repair? If so, look no further than Dent Detail PDR.

Paintless Dent repair is probably a very unfamiliar term for you if you’ve only recently gotten your vehicle. However, it is one of the most happening things in car repair at the moment. Car owners are always looking for the next best alternative to repairing their vehicles that will least affect their car’s value and, auto-mechanics have found just the answer.

What is Paintless Dent Repair

Paintless dent repair is a method to fix your car dents by using special tools. It doesn’t involve any extra paint or material so, there is no extra charge for material.  You’re probably aware of paintless dent repair, but you should never attempt to do it yourself. 

PDR works on a variety of dents and dings. It works on small dents, large dents, hail damage, and fender dents. 

Why Should You Not Attempt PDR on Your Own?

Several companies will claim that you can conduct PDR on your own using their special kit.  This fact is not true and, there are several reasons that you may not achieve the desired result. We have stated some of these below:

  • You may not have the right tools.

A youtube rabbit hole might have you believe that you can fix your car with a toilet plunger and a kettle of hot water but, you are unlikely to have the right tools. 

  • You may not have the expertise.

Auto technicians are PDR certified. Even if you have the right tools or the correct PDR kit, you may not achieve the right result because you’re unaware of how the car’s body will react.

  • You might make it worse.

If you attempt PDR and it goes awry, you’re likely to have a bigger problem. The auto-technician might not be able to fix this problem with PDR. You will thus, have to spend more time and money on the car than you’d like.

How do Auto-Technicians Conduct PDR?

Certified technicians have many years of expertise in PDR.  They assess the damage to check if PDR is applicable. Once they think PDR is manageable, they use specialist tools and techniques to pull the dent out. The mechanics of the procedure have to do with the technician’s expertise and knowledge of how a certain kind of metal will react. They use different tools to apply leverage and pop the dent out.

Benefits of PDR

  • It’s cost and time-efficient 
  • It is covered by insurance companies. 
  • It is non-invasive 
  • It retains the car’s value 
  • It’s environmentally friendly

Why You Should Choose Dent Detail PDR

Here at Dent Detail PDR, we want to bring the best paintless dent repair services to the city of Warrington. Our certified technicians are going to prioritize you. Additionally, we’re one of the few companies in Warrington to be IMI accredited. We aim to provide you the best service before, during, and after your car has come into the shop.

For more information on Dent Detail PDR, visit our website or call us at 078-2442-6591 to get a quick quote.

Paintless Dent Removal Warrington