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Has your car been in a collision or accident that has caused dent damage? If so, Dent Detail PDR is the expert you require. We provide paintless dent repair in Longton and throughout the North West. Restore your vehicle to its best condition today with the most cost-effective way to return your car to factory specifications. Call us at 07824426591 right now to get in touch with us or fill out our online contact form

dent repair longton
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In the past, fixing dents on a car meant either attaching an entirely new part to the body or using tape to suction out the dent and then applying fresh paint to conceal the repair. However, in today’s era, this traditional approach has lost its popularity. Nowadays,  dent repair experts favour the innovative method known as “paintless dent repair” to efficiently restore dented vehicles.

How Does PDR Work?

Paintless dent removal, sometimes referred to as paintless dent repair, is a very efficient technique for repairing dents that have been inflicted to your car. PDR consists of carefully massaging certain areas of your panels, whether they are made of aluminium or steel, to remove dents and restore your car to its best condition.

PDR doesn’t need additional materials like paint, filler, or brand-new parts for full dent restoration. In contrast to conventional methods of dent removal and repair, paintless dent repair is quicker and more cost-effective.

PDR Benefits


PDR is a non-invasive process that does not require drilling, sanding, or major alterations to the vehicle’s body. This means there’s no risk of damaging other parts of the car during the comprehensive repair from Dent Detail PDR.

Time Efficient

PDR is a quicker process compared to conventional dent repair methods. Our skilled technicians can often complete the repair in a fraction of the time, allowing you to get your vehicle back on the road sooner.

Retains Original Paint

Unlike traditional methods that involve repainting the repaired area, PDR preserves the car’s original factory paint. This helps maintain the vehicle’s value and ensures a seamless appearance without any colour mismatch.


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Absolutely Amazing Job!

Two dents removed from my Jaguar IPace, I didn’t think they could be repaired. Absolutely amazing job. well worth the money. Super customer service, even came out to the house. Thanks!

Extremely Clean And Tidy

The dent in my rear door was completely removed with no damage to the paintwork. Workshop and rest area were extremely clean and tidy.

Excellent Job!

Excellent job, completed within 2 days of first phone call despite being a rather complicated dent. Very highly recommended.
Why choose Dent Detail PDR?

Dent Detail PDR are your 5-star rated dent removal experts who care about the service we provide to every customer. Despite the fact that we are based in Leyland, we provide mobile repairs at the time and location of your choice. 

Do you offer PDR for all makes and models?

Of course. For all makes and models, Dent Detail PDR offers paintless dent removal. Whether you have a vintage car or the newest electric car, we can return it to its original state. Our ‘brands and models’ page specifically lists the automobiles we can repair.

Do you offer hail damage dent repair?

Yes, of course. Dent Detail PDR are able to provide hail damage dent repair throughout the North West for a multitude of makes and models.


Do you offer FREE quotations?

Yes. However, we will first need to see a few images of the damage sustained. It’s often helpful if you can send us a few pictures of the damage via WhatsApp or our contact form. Then we will be pleased to provide a FREE quotation.


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