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Looking for paintless dent repair in Poynton or the surrounding areas? If so, look no further than Dent Detail PDR. Nearing 1000 reviews on our Google Business Profile, we are well-positioned to provide paintless dent removal at our state-of-the-art body shop or via a mobile service. We cover Greater Manchester, Lancashire and The North West. Call us today at 07824426591 or use our online contact form.

paintless dent removal poynton
dent repair poynton



if you’re looking for paintless dent removal, also known as paintless dent repair in Poynton, Dent Detail PDR are here to help.

When you car suffers dent damage, it can be upsetting and distressing. However, it occurs more frequently than you might imagine. The good news is that our paintless dent removal technicans can remove all types of dents successfully in a matter of hours.

PDR is a very effective method for massaging dents out of your car without being invasive. To remove dents and return your car to its perfect condition, the procedure requires carefully massaging specific sections of your panels, whether they are constructed of steel or aluminium. Unlike traditional methods of dent removal and repair,  PDR doesn’t require additional materials like paint, filler, or new parts for installation. 

PDR Benefits

Apart from the unparalleled results, there are plenty of reasons to opt for PDR, including:

Ideal For Small & Medium-Sized Dents

Small and medium-sized dents can be erased without causing damage to your paintwork. Even minor dents and body damage may lower your car’s resale value. As a result, it’s critical to move quickly and restore your car to its original condition.


PDR is a cost-effective procedure, particularly when compared to more traditional dent removal methods. This is because additional materials, such as paint and fillers, are not needed to restore your vehicle to its best condition.

Great Option For Hail Damage

Dent Detail PDR have previously provided paintless dent removal for hundreds of vehicles that have sustained dent damage as a result of hail damage. PDR is the best dent removal technique to repairing hall damage dents.


Has your vehicle suffered from small or medium-sized dents? If so, it’s time to get in touch with us today and call us at 07824426591. Alternatively, use our online contact form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

The man must be a magician!

Brilliant. Not a sign the dents were ever there. The man must be a magician!

Very Efficient & Professional

Graham did a Great Job very efficient and professional will definitely use again. Very happy, thanks!

Perfect Finish

Great service and perfect finish removing damage from a door.

Is PDR more cost effective than traditional dent repair?

PDR is more affordable than conventional dent repair techniques. PDR can be a more effective and cost-effective method for fixing minor to moderate dents because it avoids the need for major bodywork, filling, and repainting.

Does PDR impact the paint or finish of the vehicle?

The paint or finish of the car is not harmed when performed by a qualified expert at Dent Detail PDR. The method manipulates the metal from underneath the panel while preserving the original paint. However, extra refinishing may be necessary if the paint is already damaged or the dent is severe.

How much time does a PDR repair usually require?

The size, depth, and complexity of the damage all affect how long it takes to complete a PDR repair. Small dents can frequently be fixed in a few hours, while larger or more complicated dents might take longer.

Do PDR repairs get covered by insurance?

Depending on the type of damage and your insurance policy, PDR repairs may or may not be covered by insurance. PDR is covered by some insurance policies, notably for hail damage repairs. To fully understand your unique coverage, it is advisable to speak with your insurance company.


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