Mobile Dent Repair is where we pack convince and repair into one package to make your life easier. Our goal at Dent Detail in Preston is to repair vehicles and ensure our customers are happy. We want to provide you a service repairing your dents where it’s best for you. Your repairs can be in a garage, carport, or covered parking at your office. We need a few things to get this repair done and get you back on the road door ding-free. 

First, let’s get you an estimate to repair your ding that could have been caused in so many different ways. Maybe a shopping cart buggy jumped out at you? Did you drop something on your vehicle? Did you think the roof of your car was strong enough to withhold you while you reached for something high? To get an estimate, we will need to either see the dent in person or see many photos from different angles to get you a price in a range. Because we can not see all the factors of a dent in photos., we give you a range that could change if see the damage in person and there is something that we could not see in the photos. 

We need the right area and space to repair your car. If it is in a garage, carport, or parking garage, we need room to move freely,  about 2-4 feet around the vehicle. 

We have to be able to move like a ninja as we repair the dents. We will be able to most repairs on site. We bring our tools, lights, and equipment to repair the dent right to you, making your life easier and ensuring that you have the best experience possible. 

When we repair your dent on-site, the timing is usually told to you at the time of the repair, but beware that fixing metal is an art and can sometimes take a longer or shorter relative time than quoted. Every dent is different, and every metal reacts differently to repair. We are well versed in all kinds of metals used to make cars. Aluminum is more challenging to repair than steel and therefore takes longer to repair. If your hood is dented and made of aluminum, although it is so much lighter than steel, it takes seven times the strength to move that metal. Maybe there is a dent in your door, and the dent is right where the bracing runs through; all these are factors that add to the dent’s cost and the repair time. 

If the dent is too extreme and will take multiple days to repair, we will let you know when we see photos or if we see it in person. These dents will have to be repaired at our shop, and the car may have to stay with us for more than a day. 

Our goal is for 100% customer satisfaction for every repair, every time. We are the best dent repair specialists in Preston and we strive to make things easy and convenient for you. Please feel free to give us a call if you have any questions we haven’t answered here.