Electric cars and dent repairs…

All electric cars and dent repairs have live power cables running through them. Knowing where they are and how to safely power them down is a must when carrying out a paintless dent repair on them.

2022 Audi E Tron

This Audi E Tron had a pretty awkward crease to remove on the drives side front wing, running through the wheel arch bodyline. Bodyline, or swage line dents are much tougher to remove than ones on flat areas for example.

Aluminium electric cars and dent repairs

The wings on these, and almost every other panel on the car are made of aluminium. This type of material is much more difficult to repair than steel for example. It needs constant heat applied, and the optimal temperature is around 29 degrees.

To add to the complexity of the dent removal, the panels on these fully electric cars are double skinned. This means that on the inside of the panel there is another aluminium skin. This is here for strengthening and crash support and protection, but makes access to the back of the dent much more difficult.

Finally, both wings have a charge port! Normally most electric cars or hybrids only have 1 electric charge port. This in return adds more mindfulness knowing where the cables are.


Using a specialist tool called a whale tale, we can work in between the 2 skins to repair the dent. By using a super thin tool, we can accurately and carefully twist and shape the dent out. Removing dents with PDR saves the new factory paintwork and keeps the car original.

IMI Accredited

As an IMI Accredited company to work on, repair and safely power down any EV or hybrid vehicle, your car is in safe hands.

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