How to Repair a Dent on an E-Vehicle in Leyland, UK

Electric vehicles, or EVs for short, are arguably the best type of car you can buy. They are environment-friendly, cost-effective, low-maintenance, high-tech vehicles that make for great family cars. If you are an EV owner in Leyland, UK, you have something exceptional and innovative in your garage.

However, dents and dings can easily take away from the look and image of your EV. While conventional dent repair from traditional auto body shops is perhaps your first thought for dent repair, you should consider paintless dent repair first.

After all, an environment-friendly, smart car should have an environment-friendly smart dent repair.

How to Repair a Dent on an E-Vehicle in Leyland, UK

The most innovative and environment-friendly dent repair method for your EV is paintless dent repair or PDR. If you want to get PDR done from a good PDR company, know that Dent Detail PDR in Lancashire is the best dent removal solution for EV owners in Leyland.

Unlike conventional dent repair, PDR does not put your EV through sanding, filling, repainting, or body panel replacement to repair dents. It is a restorative process that does not involve invasive, harsh, and time-consuming procedures.

Subsequently, this makes PDR the most environment-friendly dent repair solution in the world, fitting for your environment-friendly electric vehicle.

The Process of PDR

The restorative PDR process has three simple yet highly-effective steps.

  • Your EV is cleaned to wash away any dirt, grime, or elements on the body.
  • A PDR technician uses PDR UV lights to identify and assess the dents and dings on the damaged area.
  • The technician uses special PDR tools and techniques to remove all the dents and dings from your EV gently.

However, there are additional steps to this process when handling an EV vehicle that safely shuts off its electrical components before PDR and turns them back on safely after PDR. These steps are important for the safety of the electrical components of your EV. Traditional auto body shops often fail to do this, resulting in costly electrical repairs.

Hence, you need the in-depth knowledge, skills, experience, and IMI accreditation of a trusted PDR technician, like the experts at Dent Detail PDR.

Benefits of PDR for Your E-Vehicle

Not only is PDR good for the environment, but it also offers the following benefits for you and your electric vehicle.

Immaculate Results

Restoration from PDR offers the best results, unlike any dent repair that repaints or replaces the body panels.

Quick Service

The lack of sanding, repainting, and paint drying means that PDR is a speedy process that saves you a ton of downtime. Unlike conventional dent repair, you won’t have to wait for days to get your car back. Typically, most dents and dings only take a few hours with PDR, so you get your EV back on the same day.


You don’t have to incur the cost of expensive replacement parts, paint, or fillers, which means you save a lot of money with PDR.

Retains Originality and Resale Value

Your EV is unique, meaning resale is not always easy or favorable. However, PDR allows you to retain your EV’s original factory paintwork and its originality and resale value after repairs.

Dent Detail PDR for the Best PDR in Leyland, UK

Dent Detail PDR is the best place for all the dent repair solutions for your EV. They have the best, most skilled PDR technicians with immense experience working on electric vehicles.
Dent Detail PDR is also IMI accredited, which means they can provide high-quality professional dent repair/ PDR for all-electric vehicles (EVs). You get the most friendly, convenient, and premium PDR services for your EV with zero risk of electrical damage.

If you want to learn more about paintless dent repair and dent repair for EVs in Leyland, UK, or if you want a free estimate for the dents and dings on your EV, please visit our website today.