How we repair dents

Have you wondered how we repair dents with no painting?

We get asked this a lot when an enquiry comes in, There’s 2 main methods we use to repair dents. We can push them out from the back of the panel with specialist tools, or glue pull them from the outside of the panel. In this blog post, we’ll talk about pushing them out.

Assessing the damage

How we repair dents with paintless dent removal. We first need to evaluate the dent, and see how we’ll get into the panel. In the video linked to this post, the door has 2 creases on it, caused by other car doors hitting it. Dents in these areas of the doors are the most common type of dents we remove. Access to these is straightforward. We wind the window down, and put a steel window guard over the glass and into the panel. A wedge is then inserted between the guard and door frame, to create a gap for the tool to fit down.

Tool choice and how we repair dents on doors

Next it’s time to decide which tool is best suited for the repair. In the video, How we repair dents – no painting, you can see theres 2 different types of tool we use. Theres a softer tipped paintless dent repair tool, and then a sharper tipped tool for the finer details. Every dent is different, so choosing the right equipment must be done every time.

Knocking down

Although pushing them out is the majority of the job, knocking down is a critical part of the repair. When over pushing, high spots can from, and these have to be knocked down and smoothed out to allow the dented area to be pushed up and back into shape. When a big dent happens, it can ripple the panel, and cause a lump, or crown nearby. This also has to be tapped back down to make the repair possible.

Combining all of the above leads to a great dent removal. You can’t do one of the methods without doing the other, knocking down and pushing have to work together.


Prices start from £120 per dent, and certain factors such as size, metal type, repair method, access etc will contribute to the overall price. We can apply discounts for multiple dents if theres more than one on the same panel. The best and quickest way to get a quote is to send photos or a video from multiple angles to 07824426591 and include the vehicle model and year, along with the area you are based. Or use the online form here on our homepage.

You can watch the full video here or head over to our Youtube page to see more of our repair videos!