Car owners in Southport, UK, may sometimes experience dents and dings on their vehicles from hailstones. If you are unfortunate enough to leave your vehicle unprotected during a hail event in Southport, there can be hundreds of dents and dings on your vehicle’s roof, hood, and trunk.

This is where paintless dent repair (PDR) from Dent Detail PDR can be the ideal hail damage repair solution for you, better than any conventional dent repair method from traditional auto body shops.

How to Take Hail Dents Out the Right Way in Southport, UK

Paintless dent repair is a restorative process that offers the most innovative and environment-friendly way to take hail dents out of your vehicle. It does not involve any scrapping, filling, repainting, or replacement of body panels like all traditional auto body shops.

A PDR technician from Dent Detail PDR in Southport, UK, restores the hail damage using specialized PDR lights, tools, and techniques. They can even remove undetectable small dents that most auto body shops will miss out on.

What’s great about Dent Detail PDR is that they are IMI accredited, which means they are trained and certified to remove hail dents from electric vehicles (EVs) as well.
Since the restorative PDR process does not involve such invasive, harsh, or time-consuming steps, it is the most environment-friendly dent repair solution in the world that gives superior results from hail damage repair.

The Process of PDR

The restorative PDR process is a quick three-step process that is highly effective at removing dents, dings, and hail damage to restore your vehicle.

  • Your vehicle is washed and cleaned to remove any dirt, dust, grime, or elements on its body.
  • A PDR technician uses specialized PDR UV lights to spot all dents and dings, including the smallest of discrepancies and assesses their PDR approach for the damaged areas.
  • The technician uses special PDR tools and techniques to gently push and pull all the hail dents and dings from your vehicle.

When handling an EV, there are added steps to this process to correctly turn off all electrical components before PDR and switch them back on after dent repairs. These steps are crucial for the safety of the electrical components in electric vehicles.

Benefits of PDR for Hail Dents

PDR is the best for hail dents in Southport, UK. Not only is it great for the environment, but it also offers plenty of other benefits for you and your vehicle.

Superior Repairs

Complete restoration always provides better results than replacing body panels or using harsh methods to scrape, fill, and repaint its body.

Rapid Repairs

Since there is no sanding, filling, repainting, or replacement in PDR, there is less downtime for your vehicle. Most dents and dings only take a few hours to fix, and your hail dents can get repaired within a day or two, unlike auto body shops that usually take over a week to fix dents, dings, and hail damage.

Less Expensive

With PDR, you do not pay the material cost of things like expensive replacement panels, paint, fillers, or added labour. Ultimately, PDR saves you money on these expenses, costing you less than traditional auto body shop repairs.

Retains Original Paintwork and Resale Value

PDR does not tamper with your vehicle’s original factory paintwork or replacement body panels, which means you retain its originality and resale value after hail damage repairs from Dent Detail PDR.

Dent Detail PDR for the Right Hail Dent Repair in Southport, UK

Dent Detail PDR is the only place where you can repair and remove hail dents from your vehicle the right way. Whether it’s an old pickup, a new sedan, or an electric vehicle, PDR from these specialists can help restore your vehicle to its former glory after a damaging hail event.

They have the best, most skilled, and most experienced PDR technicians you will find in the UK, which makes them the most qualified. You can trust them to provide the best, most superior results. They also offer the best customer service and convenience. You won’t find such service at traditional auto body shops.

If you want to learn more about how to take hail dents out the right way in Southport, UK, paintless dent repair, or if you want a free estimate for the dents, dings, and hail damage on your vehicle, please visit our website today.