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Looking for mobile car dent repair in Manchester? Look no further than Dent Detail PDR, your 5-star rated paintless dent removal company.

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Paintless dent repair (PDR) is the modern way certified car repair professionals repair dents and dings on your vehicle in Manchester, United Kingdom. Unlike the auto body shop method of repairing dings on vehicles which is quite old, the paintless dent repair way of fixing your vehicle can provide many benefits that the auto body shop way can’t. 

There was a need for the PDR way in the market, too. Because of blazing internet connections, faster cars on the road and purchases that comes to our home via drones – the standards of everyday life around us have changed radically. Now, an average human wait of four to five days just so a ding could be fixed on your car, is not. 

Our extremely high standard of life changes industry standards, and we are now aware of the prowess of PDR. Now dents and dings can disappear a lot quicker, and now, the industry has changed from head to toe.  

Still thinking whether PDR is worth the time? 

Let us start by understanding the basics. 

Paintless Dent Repair mANCHESTER: Explained

PDR is the most efficient way of repairing dents and dings on your vehicle. It is the environmentally-friendly way to fixing a dent because no spray paints are released into the environment. In comparison, the autobody shop way of fixing a dent or a ding uses body fillers and body paints to make it seem like your vehicle has been fixed. This paint can release harmful chemicals into the environment, which can be detrimental to the wildlife around us in daily life.  

However, although a certified PDR specialist wants to fix every dent and ding by PDR, this is not possible in every situation. 

What Can Be Repaired By PDR? 

Even though the PDR method of repairing dents can hold several advantages – there are a limited amount of dents that you can repair with PDR. Those dents are:

  • Car Dings

A ding on your car is one of those annoying damages that you can get when your vehicle is in the parking lot of a shopping mall and a cart hits your vehicle. This can feel annoying, but luckily for you, this damage can be easily repaired with the PDR method. 

  • Crease

It wasn’t possible to repair a crease on your car with PDR since these were considered serious damage. But in the last few decades, PDR technology has improved dramatically and now creases can be repaired with PDR, too.  

But with that being said, if the metal of your car’s body has torn or if the dents on your car are extremely sharp, then PDR might not be able to solve your problem. 

  • Circular Dents

Your car can get a circular dent from a baseball, basketball or a football. This dent can casually happen if your car is parked out in the open without any protection. A PDR can repair this dent in a few minutes without any hassle, but the better approach to repairing this dent would be to park your vehicle indoors at all times. 

If you’re looking for mobile car dent repairs in Manchester, Dent Detail PDR can help. Contact us today to understand if your car is a candidate for PDR and get a free estimate.

Car Dent Repair Manchester

Excellent Professional Service

Excellent professional service, thank you. Seamless repair of several dents and a very tricky one on the sewage crease on the bonnet. I would highly recommend Graham and his dent repair service.

Fast, Friendly & Professional

Fast, friendly and very professional service. I contacted Graham on Saturday about repairing a group of small dents on the tailgate of my new car, he managed to fit me in on Monday morning and made a perfect job of removing the dents. Based on my experience I would be very happy to recommend Graham.

Great Job At A Great Price

So glad I was recommended to use Dent Detail PDR after my prized 71 mustang was badly damaged by a hit and run driver in a car park. I was dreading the bashing out, fillers, paint and the bill. Graham did a great job at a great price. Highly recommend

Do you offer FREE quotations?

Are you in search of a no-obligation quote? Getting a personalised quote from Dent Detail PDR is a straightforward process. Just reach out to us by phone at 07824 426591 or use our WhatsApp option to send us 2-3 high-quality images of the damage your vehicle has sustained. You can also use our contact form.

Do you provide repairs for all brands?

Yes. Dent Detail PDR are well-positioned to provide car dent repair in Manchester for dozens of different brands, models and manufacturers. From Range Rovers and Tesla’s to Lexus’ and Nissan’s, we are here to assist. Check out our comprehensive brand page here.

What is the cost for PDR?

The cost of paintless dent removal (PDR) can vary significantly depending on several factors. These factors include the size and location of the dent, the number of dents to be repaired, the complexity of the repair. Dent Detail PDR will be able to provide an accurate quotation once we assess your dent damage either via images or in-person.

Will PDR damage my car’s original paint?

No, Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) will not damage your car’s original paint when performed by our skilled and experienced technicians at Dent Detail PDR. PDR does not require sanding, filling, or repainting, which are common in traditional dent repair which can potentially damage the paint.

Why Dent Detail PDR For Car Dent Repair In Manchester?

If you’re seeking car dent repair in Manchester, look no further than Dent Detail PDR. Whether you’re seeking dent repair for your brand-new Tesla or a 15-year-old vehicle, we are here to help restore your vehicle back to its best condition. We are proud to be a 5-star-rated company with hundreds of happy customers recommending us on a regular basis.

Do you provide car door dent repair in Manchester?

You’ll be pleased to know that we do offer a car door dent repair service in Manchester. If you prefer a mobile service, we can come to you in Manchester and restore your car door to tip-top condition. Otherwise, you can make the short distance to our state-of-the-art workshop in Leyland. We understand how stressful it can be when you sustain a dent in your vehicle’s car door, whether intentional or accidental, but we provide a prompt dent repair service for your peace of mind.

Will the dent return after paintless dent repair?

No, not at all. Once a dent is properly repaired using Paintless Dent Removal (PDR), it will not come back. By choosing a reputable and experienced PDR company just like Dent Detail PDR, you can ensure that the repair is done correctly, and the dent will not reappear.

Can PDR be used on aluminium panels?

Yes, Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) can be used on aluminium panels. More and more vehicles on the road are using aluminium instead of steel, especially EV’S (electric vehicles). Therefore, we can cater to this growing demand and restore your vehicle back to its original condition with permanent restoration guaranteed. Get in touch with us today to receive your FREE no-obligation quotation.


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