Recently we were able to save the bonnet of a Mercedes-Benz GLA Executive. This was a one-day repair using paintless dent removal. This repair needed NO filler, Bondo, or taking her to the body shop for paint or a new bonnet.  

We all risk our vehicles every day. When they are on the road, parked on the side, we leave them in parking garages or parking lots while running into the grocery store. A falling tree hit this Mercedes, and there was a significant dent, and fortunately escaping scratches. (We won the lottery here!) Trees, tools, garage doors, hail, we have run-ins all the time, but we are here to save you! 

This dent was completed at the customer’s location, making it super convenient and easy for the customer. We love going to you when we can and when the repair is plausible in your own space. 

We wanted to walk you through this repair a little more in-depth and talk about why paintless dent removal is the best option if you can!

!. Save your Resale Value!  This Mercedes customer will not have any report on their vehicle to devalue the car or affect the resale. 

2. Save the factory paint! We were able to save the original factory paint! This Mercedes-Benz is so beautiful! Although there are good body shops, this is amazing because the paint out of the factory is never quite the same. This vehicle retains its original durable finish and manufacturer paint finish warranty! 

3. Quick turn around!  Our repair took a day, rather than weeks, in a body shop! 

4.The Price is Right!  Our pricing on this dent is affordable. A complete repair in a body shop would have been close to a couple of thousand pounds, replacing the bonnet, doing the appropriate removal and installation of the front bumper, headlights, and bumper. Then paint and labor on the hood and blend the paint onto the wings. 

5. We love the earth! Environmentally friendly dent repair, no paint, harsh chemicals, or new panels put on the car. PDR creates less trash, fewer gasses, it’s GREEN, and we are doing our part to reduce the footprint of humans on the earth. 

6. We had a happy customer! That’s our goal! 

We at Dent Detail Paintless Dent Removal always strive to fix your car smoothly, efficiently, and with grace. We want to answer any questions, and if this did not answer any questions you have, please give us a ring. We want you to understand the process, our pricing, and the value that we are bringing to your repair.

We are conveniently located at Unit 46, Centurion Industrial Estate, Centurion Way, Leyland, PR25 4GU, United Kingdom. We would love to serve you. Please give us a call if you have any questions we haven’t answered here.