Paintless Dent Repair in St. Anne’s

Dent Detail provides paintless dent repair in St.Annes and the surrounding areas.

Driving a car in St. Anne’s, United Kingdom, can be an amazing experience. However, traffic jams can be one of the most common factors that can ruin your mood while driving. These situations can result in dings and dents that damage your car when you least expect them. 

Since traffic jams in St.Anne’s happen frequently, you can expect yourself to wait for a long time to get your car repaired. With that said, not repairing the ding or dent is not a wise decision either.  Nevertheless, when you think of it, do you have any other options?

Or better yet – is there a need to consider other options in the market?

Common Problems With an Auto body Shop Repair

The conventional way of repairing dents has been popular for the past several years if not decades. Because of an inherent need to do things quickly without waiting for long, a change has been needed for a long time. Because of not having any substitutes, dent repair specialists have used the auto body shop way to repair dents and dings on your vehicle just because it is an expensive process that costs more money. That is one of the most common problems with an auto body shop repair. 

When you opt for the traditional way of repairing dents, the specialist will drill two holes around the ding after they’ve examined the body of your car carefully. After the initial examination and drilling is done, a filler is used to fill the vacant space that was caused by the dent. Finally, the repaired part of the car is spray painted with the same color of your to make it “look” like the dent on your car has been fixed. 

Since this procedure is detailed, takes a lot more time, and uses more resources, it’s also a lot more costlier than PDR. 
A traditional repair might make it seem like that your car has been repaired, however the long term impacts of this dent repair can be devastating. When your vehicle is sent from the factory, it has a protective sheet on top of it which can keep it safe from wear and tear and is also long-lasting.

However, when a car enthusiast opts for a traditional repair this coating on their car is compromised since the body filler is used on the top of the car, making the body of your extremely weak. So what’s the solution?

Paintless Dent Repair St Annes- The Way to Repair Dents

For reasons above, the paintless dent repair method of repairing dents is the modern approach to repairing the damage your car has sustained. It is less expensive, takes less time to repair and is environmentally-friendly. If your car has got a ding or a dent in St. Anne’s, United Kingdom, contact Dent Detail PDR to see if your car is a candidate for paintless dent repair in St.Annes.

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