We get asked an awful lot, can dents be removed on an aluminium Tesla? 


The answer is YES. Lets first look at –

Tesla and electric vehicles

We get asked this because they are an electric vehicle. EV’s have power cables that run through them. These can cause potential obstacles for bodyshop and PDR repairs. Needless to say, if one of the cables gets damaged, there CAN be catastrophic consequences. The car could be set on fire if a power cable is pierced, or the technician working on it can be shocked or electrocuted.

This avoidable, by turning and shutting the vehicle off, or glue pulling the damage from the outside. We here at Dent Detail PDR can do both.

Being IMI Accredited, this means we are trained to power down any electric vehicle to their respective manufacturers methods, keeping the car and technician safe.

As Keco Body Repair Products brand ambassador, the latest in glue pull repair technology is used. This means we can remove dents and damage from the outside of the panel. This is a great alternative to using access to get to the inside of a panel where the dent is in a hard to reach area. As a result, Glue pulling bypasses all of that, meaning we’re fully equipped to take on any electric vehicle.


The second part of this blog were going to look at is aluminium. Teslas have aluminium panels – this material is a lot lighter than steel. But it’s a lot tougher and harder to repair. Unlike steel, it has no “metal memory”. This means when we perform a PDR repair on steel, the dented area stays in place once pushed, but aluminium doesn’t do this, as its so strong.

To make the material pliable, heat is used. During a paintless dent removal, a heat gun up aiming around the area we are working on. The optimal temperature is 25-30 degrees. Once the affected area is at temperature, we can carry on the repair as normal, either pushing it from the underside of the panel, or using a glue pull repair. 


We are perfectly set up here to repair and remove dents from a Tesla, aluminium panel, any other EV, or any combination of the mentioned for that matter! Peace of mind is what we offer for any potential customer. With nearly 550 5 Star Google reviews, you be assured your in good hands.

We’d love to answer any questions you may have about a dent repair you may need. If you would like a quote, simply get in touch by using the enquiry form here, call or text 07824426591, or email dentdetailpdr@gmail.com

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Thank you for watching and reading!

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