Why is glue pulling great for electric cars like a Tesla?

Stating the obvious, there’s electricity running through them!

EVs (electric vehicles) like this Tesla Model X have power cables running through certain panels, primarily in a panel that has a charge port, in this case on the near side quarter panel.

Generally dents are pushed and massaged out from the backside of the panel. We use specialist paintless dent repair tools, but when theres live power cables running through them, this has its hazards, as you can imagine.

Institute of the Motor Industry

We are accredited by the IMI (Institute of the Motor Industry). This means we are trained to power down and shut off the battery in any EV or hybrid vehicle. This then makes them safe to work on. But when theres no access for the repair, GPR (Glue Pull Repair) is the perfect answer.

As a Keco Brand Ambassador, we use the latest Keco Glue Pull Repair System tools and equipment.

Removing a dent from the outside of the panel bypasses the need for powering down, and removes the need for R&I (remove and install), stripping down parts of the car to gain access to the back of the panel.

Finally, quarter panels on a Tesla Model X are made of aluminium. This material is much stronger and tougher to repair than a steel panel with a dent on it. But glue pulling is incredibly effective on this metal type!


So why is glue pulling great for electric cars like a Tesla? NO power down needed, NO R&I needed, aluminium repair – GPR kills 3 birds with 1 stone!

Here at Dent Detail PDR we specialise in removing dents on a Tesla, and any electric car.

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