Paintless dent repair on a Tesla

Paintless dent repair on a Tesla, is it possible?


There is a lot of technology in one of these vehicles, and this can cause obstacles in repairing them. Sensors, cameras, electronics, and most notably the battery. Model Y, Model X, Model 3 or Model S, we can help with a dent removal on all of these!


Paintless Dent Repair on an electric vehicle

PDR, or paintless dent removal, is a great way to repair and remove dents on Teslas or hybrid vehicle. But the possible obstacle in the way is the power cables running through the car. In a typical dent repair, specialist tools are used to push out and massage a dented area back to its original shape. To do this, we must get access to the back of the damaged panel. Now with most cars this isn’t an issue, but a Tesla or other electric car has the live power cables running through them. Paintless dent repair on a Tesla This can be a danger obviously, but there are procedures that can help.

Powering down the battery to make the car safe to work on

Powering down the cars battery to make it safe to work on is the most important practise we can do. As the cables run from the charge port side quarter panel, this can cause a hazard if we’re repairing a dent here. We don’t want to cause any damage to the cables, this can be very hazardous, can cause a fire if the cables are pierced, or even injure or kill the technician working on it. So to avoid this, we can power down the system and battery. As an IMI Accredited and trained company, we can do this to the Tesla manufacturer methods. This gives great peace of mind to the owner of the vehicle, and to the technician himself.

How do we power them down?

There is a certain procedure to take when powering down electric vehicles and Teslas. It is very important to carry this out to the respective manufacturers methods. There will be a different procedure for a different model, for a different brand. Being trained and accredited by the Institute of the Motor Industry, we give peace of mind to the customer. In brief, there are certain steps to do this. Key/fob distance, the 12v battery under the bonnet, then the main battery cell under the rear seats must be removed. There are timings and steps to be taken during this.

Health and Safety/PPE

Safety equipment and PPE must be worn while we carry out the power down. Special gloves, both of cotton and rubber will be worn, and rubber matting is placed in and around the car. Another point to be made is the car key. The car key, or fob must be kept 17 feet away from the vehicle. This so it’s out of range, so the car can’t become active, making it live again during the early stage of the power down.

Glue pull repair

Another repair method we can utilise is GPR (glue pull repair), to make a paintless dent repair on a Tesla possible. This is a dent repair technique where we can use special glue tabs and pull the dent from the outside of the panel. This very effective for difficult areas to reach with the pushing bars, and can save us powering down the car. This gives the owner another choice on price. Sometimes we will recommend with repair method would be best, for a quicker and cleaner repair. As a Keco Brand Ambassador, we use the latest in glue pulling technology, so the best equipment and choice will be used for your repair.


At Dent Detail PDR, we have carried out many paintless dent removals on all models of Teslas and other ev/hybrids over the years. We come highly trusted in the ev community, with many referrals from electric car owners. We think its a great peace of mind for potential future clients looking to have a dent repair carried out by us. You can see all of our previous 5 star Google reviews by searching for our Google page, or clicking here.


We are more than happy to assist and help with any dent repair on a Tesla. Any other type of electric/hybrid that needs a paintless dent removal, we can help with to. If you have any questions or would like any more information, please feel free to reach out, and we’d be happy to help!

You can see a repair video here on a Tesla Model 3 on our YouTube channel, along with many other repairs, showing how we carry them out.


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