Teslas are growing in popularity, you see more and more on the roads everyday.

With the push for electric vehicles and a greener environment, EVs (electric vehicles) are becoming a popular choice to the public and for business’s.

But these types of cars can still suffer a dent unfortunately. Although they can be still repaired like a normal car, there are hazards that need to be taken into consideration – power cables run through the car, after all, it is powered by electric!

When performing PDR (paintless dent repair), we need to gain access to the backside of the dented panel, to accurately push and massage the dent out with specific, and sometimes sharp dent repair tools. Now if the dent is on the charge port side of a Tesla quarter panel, it has power cables running through. Safe to say its not a wise idea to go poking around with a sharp metal tool!

What do we need to do then? 

To make the car safe, and for the safety of the technician, we must power down the vehicle and disable the battery, making it completely safe to work on. We do this by following the manufacturers recommended procedure, with all the necessary PPE and equipment.

We can then carry out the paintless dent removal

Once the vehicle is made safe, we can carry on with the dent repair as we would on any standard internal combustion engine.

Why use Dent Detail PDR for me Tesla dent repair?

We are accredited by the IMI (Institute of the Motor Industry) to safely and correctly power down any Tesla, EV or hybrid vehicle, to their own manufacturers methods. This means you are in safe hands knowing we have been trained to safely and correctly power down, repair, and power up your car.

Paintless dent repair is the cleanest and greenest way to fix dents on a car. There is no grinding of paint, no sanding down, filling with body filler, then re-painting afterwords. Damage repaired this way is hiding it, not removing it. PDR restores the panels original shape to how it was before it was damaged.

Paint warranty

As paintless dent repair doesn’t remove the paint from the vehicle, you don’t lose your manufacturers paint warranty. Most new cars have around 5 years paint warranty from new, if you get dents filled and painted at a bodyshop, you lose your warranty, as the paintwork is no longer original. This another excellent reason to have your dents removed with PDR.


Teslas are a unique car, they deserve to be looked after and kept original as possible. If you have any dents you need taking care of, please feel free to get in touch with us here at Dent Detail PDR.

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