Tesla Dent Repair Preston

Dent Detail PDR provide specialist tesla dent repairs in Preston for all makes and models.

Has you Tesla suffered dent damage?

Dent Detail PDR are here to provide specialist repairs to restore your amazing Tesla back to its original condition.

Get your FREE no-obligation quotation today at 07824 426591 or use our online contact form!

We understand how distressing it can be when you aesthetically pleasing Tesla suffers dent damage, but fear not, as we are able to provide expert repairs for all makes and models including Tesla Model Y, Tesla Model X, Tesla Model S, and Tesla Model 3.

Why paintless dent removal for Tesla’s?

Paintless dent removal is a preferred option for many Tesla owners due to its cost-effectiveness, time efficiency, environmental friendliness, and ability to preserve the original paint and finish of the vehicle.

As with all electric vehicles, PDR is also a much safer and more efficient method of permanently removing all dents on your vehicle. This is because it avoids interference with electric cables which can otherwise spark and start a fire.

With our method and techniques, the dent(s) are massaged out from the back side of the panel efficiently.

Aluminium Tesla Dent Repair (Mobile Or Visit Us)

Whether you’re seeking mobile tesla dent repair in Preston or would like to visit our state-of-the-art workshop in Leyland, we are just a short distance away from your location.

Tesla’s extensive use of aluminium in its vehicle construction, particularly in models like the Model S and Model X, requires specialised techniques for dent repair. This is why paintless dent removal is hugely popular and highly effective.

Compared to steel panels, aluminium presents an array of challenges, but fortunately, we are well-equipped and experienced to effectively perform PDR on aluminium panels, offering several advantages for Tesla owners.

You can trust Dent Detail PDR to carefully assess the extent of the damage and employ the appropriate techniques to gradually reshape the aluminium and restore the panel to its pre-dent condition.

Please note for mobile repairs: We can travel to Preston to your workplace or home for a small call out fee (usually £25 depending on your distance).


Tesla Dent Repair (Before & After)

tesla dent repair preston
tesla dent repair preston

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Looking to receive your FREE no-obligation quotation for Tesla dent repair in Preston? Whether you’re looking to visit our workshop or take advantage of our mobile repair service, quotations are available upon request!

We can provide Tesla dent repairs if your vehicle has suffered dent damage as a result of hail, road traffic collisions, debris, and more.

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Alternatively, use our WhatsApp feature and send us 2/3 clear photos of the dent damage (ideally showing the full panel and the model).

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Excellent Service!

Excellent service and workmanship performed by Graham, booked my car in with him for dent repairs and he got in touch when a earlier appointment had come available, I would highly recommend him to anyone and will definitely use in the future.

Worth travelling for!

100% recommend Graham for dent repair. Done a great job on my Tesla M3P. Absolute quality repair and worth travelling for. 👍🏼👍🏼

Fantastic service

Fantastic service, I had a small door ding in a tricky place on my Tesla, if it wasn’t for the paint being chipped I’d never know where it was now as the dent has completely gone. Graham is a great guy to deal with as well. Hopefully I don’t need him again but if I do get another dent then guaranteed I’ll be calling again.

Highly recommend

Absolutely fantastic service from Graham, he really knows what he is doing, especially with a Tesla. My Model 3 was caught in a hail storm and had 19 dents across the bonnet and tailgate. My local Tesla approved bodyshop quoted £6,000 to fix, Graham removed all the dents for £495. I would highly recommend

Great job

Graham did a great job on my car. Was very professional and did the work in great time. Also nice area to wait while the work was completed. Would recommend to anyone!

Great job on the dent repair!

Graham did a great job on the dent repair and has made his premises very comfortable to visit and wait. Softa, TV, hot drinks, top gear magazines. Nicer than home!

Will paintless dent removal affect the resale value of my Tesla?

Paintless dent removal (PDR) typically does not negatively impact the resale value of a Tesla, and in fact, it can often help maintain or even increase the value of the vehicle. PDR allows dents to be repaired without the need for repainting. This means that the original factory paint finish, which is an essential factor in determining a vehicle’s value, remains intact. 

What are the benefits of choosing PDR for Tesla repairs?

As well as preserving the original factory paint finish, despite dent damage, there are a number of further benefits too. PDR typically takes less time to complete compared to traditional dent repair methods. This means less downtime for you, allowing them to get back on the road sooner. Moreover, it’s also likely to be more cost-effective when compared to traditional dent repair methods.

Do you provide mobile repairs?

Yes, of course. If you prefer our specialists to come to you, that’s no problem at all. Over the years, we’ve completed various Tesla dent repairs in Preston for a plethora of models. Please note, however, there will be a call-out charge for mobile repairs.

Does the age or model of my Tesla affect the suitability of PDR?

Overall, while paintless dent removal is generally a suitable and effective option for repairing minor dents on Tesla vehicles of various ages and models, certain factors such as panel material, design complexity, paint condition, and technological advancements may influence its suitability and effectiveness. It’s always best to get in touch with us directly.


Why choose Dent Detail PDR?

Dent Detail PDR are your IM-accredited Tesla dent repair specialists with a fantastic reputation in Preston and the surrounding areas. Check out our latest reviews from happy customers here.


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