Dent Repair on a Jaguar

Out of the several car manufacturers in the UK that are producing state-of-the-art vehicles, only a few have managed to save the classical look and feel of their car. One of those cars is a Jaguar. A vehicle by Jaguar is unlike any other car that you can buy. Over 80 years of careful manufacturing have led to the car you can now find in the collection of every car enthusiast. 

When people think of a vehicle by Jaguar, they think “immaculate.” They think of performance that can help your car stand out and stylish British luxury. But with that being said, life is not always a bed of roses. Because of the unpredictable traffic on the road and drivers that don’t look before they open their door, dents can happen to the best amongst us. 

A long traditional dent repair process can make you avoid getting the repair, too! But do you have any other solutions?

What is Paintless Dent Repair?

The paintless dent repair way of removing the dents and dings from your Jaguar is the method that is preferred by car repair technicians. When you opt the PDR method for dent removal, the dent repair specialist takes out the dents from your car by reshaping the body panel on your car. When a dent is repaired this way there is no need for body paint or a body filler. 

Instead, the technician uses specific tools that are made for the job. As a result, when the repair is complete, your car looks as good as new. This repairs the dents on your vehicle, and the protective coating on your stays on your vehicle, too. 

What Is the Protective Coating?

When a Jaguar car is shipped from the factory to the customer, it has a protective coating to protect it from dents and dings. However, when your car goes for an autobody shop repair, the technician drills two holes around the dent. After doing this, they fill the damaged part with a body filler and a body paint. 

After this is done, it might look like your car has been repaired, when your car has actually lost value in reality! The protective coating can save your car from further dents and dings. This is one of the most prominent reasons why Jaguar owners don’t prefer getting an autobody shop repair. 

How Does PDR Work?

On the other hand, when your car goes for a paintless dent repair, the technician starts the dent repair process by first understanding the extent of the damage under a UV light. Once this is done, they push the dented part out by massaging it slowly from the back. Because of this reason, the protective coating from your Jaguar is never removed. 

Since the process can offer such exciting benefits for your car, insurance companies recommend their clients to get PDR. If your Jaguar has sustained damage, let Dent Detail PDR help you out with a quick fix!  

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