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Lexus Dent Repair

Dent Detail PDR provide Lexus dent repair.

Founded by Eiji Toyoda in 1989, Lexus is the luxury vehicle division of Toyota. They are a world-renowned automaker that consistently produces luxury vehicles that follow the reliability, dependability, and Kaizen philosophy of Toyota.

Lexus produces a wide range of excellent, luxury vehicles, from the IS sedans to the NX, RX SUVs, and performance roadsters, like the RC F and LC models. They focus on working towards a green future, and their current line-up includes several hybrid and EV options.

If you are a Lexus owner in the United Kingdom, you have a luxury vehicle that deserves only the best dent removal from the best in the UK to prolong its durable and lengthy lifespan.

Dent Repair on a Lexus

When it comes to dent repair on a Lexus, you should only opt for paintless dent repair or PDR. It is the latest and greatest in dent repair and can easily repair the dents and dings on your Lexus without damaging its paint coat or body.

PDR uses a three-step process that does not rely on scrapping, filler, or repainting to fix dents and dings.

The PDR Process

The Paintless dent repair process takes your Lexus through the following three steps:

  • Cleaning
    Your Lexus is cleaned to remove any dirt and dust from the entire body for damage assessment.
  • Assessment
    Your Lexus is placed under UV lights for the most accurate damage assessment.
  • Repairs
    A skilled, highly experienced PDR technician uses specialized PDR tools and glue slabs for the dent repairs of your Lexus.

This three-step PDR process is performed with utmost care and attention to detail. Although simple, it needs to be carried out by a skilled PDR technician with experience in repairing dents and dings on all Lexus models.

Benefits of PDR for Your Lexus

There are some excellent benefits of PDR for your Lexus.

  • Save Time
    Since PDR is paintless, you save a lot of time by avoiding body parts being repainted and dried.
  • Save Money
    The lack of material costs of fillers and paint means that PDR saves you money. You only pay for the skills of your PDR technician.
  • Save Originality and Resale Value
    Perhaps the most important benefit of PDR is that your Lexus’s original paint coat is untouched and preserved throughout the PDR process. You can save its original look and resale value this way, which is especially important when it comes to a pricey luxury vehicle like your Lexus.

Where Can You Get PDR for Your Lexus?

For the best Paintless Dent Repair results for your Lexus, we highly recommend Dent Detail PDR. You can visit any of the following service areas in and around the UK for their services, including:

St Helens

    If you want to learn more about Paintless Dent Repair on a Lexus, please visit our website or call us directly by dialing 07824426591. You can even get a free estimate for the dents and dings on your Lexus.