Dent Repair on a Subaru

Founded in 1953  by Kenji Keta, Subaru is a well-known Japanese automaker famous for using a boxer layout for over 1500 cc vehicles and standardizing all-wheel drive across most models. Car enthusiasts love the Subaru brand for its impressive handling, performance, safety, and reliability at affordable pricing.

Their vehicles are alsoquite attractive, showcasing signature Japanese sports styling. If you own a Subaru vehicle in the UK, it is important to take good care of this gem. This means opting for paintless dent repair (PDR) from a trusted dent repair company like Dent Detail PDR in case of dents or dings on your Subaru.

Best Dent Repair for Subarus at Dent Detail

Paintless dent repair or PDR is the most innovative and efficient dent removal method you can choose for the dents, dings, or bumper repair of your Subaru.

Unlike conventional dent repair from traditional auto body shops, the restorative PDR process from Dent Detail does not involve any scraping, filling, repainting, or replacement of body panels. This makes it the most environment-friendly dent removal method.

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The Process of PDR

PDR is practiced through a simple yet effective 3-step PDR process.

STEP 1- Cleaning

Your Subaru is cleaned to remove any dirt, dust, or grime from its body, revealing the body and damage entirely.

STEP 2- Assessment

A PDR technician uses specialized UV lights to reveal the smallest inconsistencies on the body of your Subaru, allowing them to assess the damage and their PDR approach for restoration.

STEP 3 – Restoration

The technician uses their PDR knowledge and skills to push and pull the dents and dings out of your Subaru gently, restoring it completely. They use specialized PDR tools and techniques that allow them to do this without needing scraping, filling, repainting, or replacing body panels.

The Benefits of PDR from Dent Detail

There are immense benefits for you and your Subaru when you opt for the restorative PDR process from Dent Detail PDR.

Environment-Friendly Dent Repairs

The lack of scrap waste, chemical fillers, paint, and replacement body panels makes PDR incredibly environment-friendly and sustainable.

Rapid Restoration

PDR does not take days like conventional dent repair. It only takes a few hours because there are no time-consuming processes like scrapping, repainting, drying, or sourcing body panels.


You don’t have to pay for expensive paint, fillers, or Subaru replacement body panels, which means you save a ton of money.

Retains Resale Value

Since PDR does not tamper with the original factory paintwork of vehicles, your Subaru retains its originality and resale value for longer.

Mobile PDR

Dent Detail offers mobile PDR in Lancashire, UK, and many surrounding areas. You can also get PDR at home or work if you want.

Why Dent Detail PDR for Your Subaru?

Dent Detail PDR are expert PDR professionals withextensiveexperience working on all Subaru models, including the Solterra, Forester, XV e-boxer, Outback, Subaru XV, etc. They provide the best dent repair results and customer service of any PDR company in the UK.

Dent Detail PDR is also IMI accredited, which means they can provide high-quality professional dent repair/ PDR for all-electric vehicles (EVs). They truly are the most convenient, friendly, and beneficial PDR company for the dent removal needs of your Subaru vehicle.

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