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Dent Repair on a Mitsubishi 

Are you needing a dent repair service for your Mitsubishi? Worry not because here at Dent Detail PDR we’ve got you covered.

We’re an IM Accredited group of technicians that take pride in what we do. Our aim is to provide a high quality service and even better results for our customers. As a business, we have years of experience with restoring, servicing and mending Mitsubishi vehicles with lots of models and types in our portfolio.

One of our specialist areas is Paintless Dent Removals (PRD) which we can do for almost all Mitsubishi vehicles, no matter what the age is.

To give you an idea, in the past we have worked on Mitsubishis such as; Pajero, Xpander, Endeavour, Colt, Mirage, Montero Sport, Lancer, Starion and many more. 

Mitsubishi’s automotive prowess dates back to 1917 and since then over 30 different models and even more variations have been produced. They’re known for their build quality, versatile performances and many other good points.

This is why we still get lots of Mitsubishi enquiries because many older types are still driving around today. A common problem is denting simply due to using the car and something going wrong from driving errors. It’s important to act quickly when you get a dent because it limits the chance of rust or corrosion. 

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What Is Paintless Dent Removal?

Don’t wait and let denting become a real problem on your Mitsubishi, get in touch with a professional company such as us to deal with your Paintless Dent Repair. We have a smart and meticulous approach that uses specific techniques and a process which we will provide more details on now:

  • Cleaning

We make cleaning the first step of the process to remove any dust or dirt. This allows us to assess damage that has been sustained.

  • Assessing

We have specialist LED lights that can spot every bit of damage that’s been done. This means we can more accurately find solutions for each part. 

  • Repairs

Once we know what we’re looking at we can begin to make the repairs necessary. Our skills workers will provide precision, care and attention to detail to ensure your Mitsubishi is returned in perfect condition.

Mitsubishi Dent Repair

Dent Detail PDR truly believe that PDR is one of the best treatments on the market today for Mitsubishis and many other car brands. It’s non invasive, it’s clean and it works.  Here are some top benefits of Paintless Dent Repairs (PDR):


In our experience and knowledge, paintless dent removal is a brilliant cost-effective option for your dent because it doesn’t require many materials or resources to do compared to more traditional methods. 

Preserves Original Paint

Paintless dent removal, also allows you to  benefit from preserving the original paint colour of your Mitsubishi. It does this by carefully massaging the dent from behind the panel, therefore there’s no need to repaint the affected area, ensuring a seamless and consistent appearance.


This technique is excellent for dealing with a range of dents including small, moderate and hail dents. Get in touch with our team today to let us know about what work you need doing.

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